Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Compilation of Frugality

Our family has been living a frugal life for over 5 years. And as any long time readers of this blog can tell you, I'm never shy about sharing our favorite frugal tips. We've definitely learned a few along the way, that's for sure.

Here are a few of the frugal tips that work best for us, and keep our lifestyle decidedly frugal, yet still fabulous.

1. Our grocery budget is $350 per month for the 6 of us. However, most months we come in below that amount. I make sure we stay on budget by menu planning, monthly grocery shopping, and batch freezer cooking. Creativity seems to be the key for keeping us content with that budget. On my other blog, Cooking During Stolen Moments, I share many of the recipes that result from my kitchen creativity.

Here are some posts I've written in the past about this subject:

2. Frugality is a family affair in our house. I could be frugal alone and probably still save money, but it is so much easier when we all work together as a team. From an early age, our kids understand about spending money responsibly and wisely. They also understand why we live this way and the benefits. And they have never felt deprived.

Here are some posts I've written in the past about this subject:
3. We are always mindful of new areas where we can cut back - whether that's date nights at home or using cloth towels instead of paper towels. I'll admit frugality isn't always easy, and the best ways to save money aren't always obvious, but it is so worth the extra effort. We choose to be frugal so that we can save, give, and prepare. Frugality brings with it many freedoms, and I would not give that up for all the $50 restaurant dinners or $100 pair of jeans in the world.

Here are some posts I've written in the past about our other frugal endeavors:
So there you have it...just a little collection of frugal goodies that work for me!

Stop by We Are THAT Family for more frugally themed Works For Me Wednesday and Life As Mom for more Frugal Friday.


Sue 11:04 PM  

Very cool! My parents were frugal as well when we (six kids) were young and we never felt like we were without. Sure we didn't wear the "cool" jeans, but in hindsight did that really matter? Not one bit! Dad now has a nice egg nest to live off of into old age and we all learned the value of a buck!

Way to go - keep it up! You are giving your kids a wealth of good habits! ;-)

Kirsty 12:10 AM  

Wow I have bookmarked this to work my way through-very cool. Thanks! I made a compilation too but it amounted to about 4 or 5 posts :D :D

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 12:25 AM  

Clever doing a compilation..that's what I shoulda done!


Can't wait to check all these links out..gotta be sure I haven't missed anything.

Colored With Memories 12:31 AM  

wow, i need to spend some time reading through these links!

so true about paper towels though...such convenience, but such a waste on multiple levels!

The Mangerchine's 9:57 AM  

Great links Kate! I wish my parents had taught me how to live frugally like you are doing... unfortunately I found out the hard way, needing to live frugal to get out of the mounds of debt I got myself into. But now all that is behind me :). I'm impressed with your ability to feed 6 people on $350 a month, and still serve the type of food that you do... I've got a lot to learn!


Buffie 10:01 AM  

Thanks for all the links. I'm going to have to come back and check them all out.

Amy Platon 12:08 PM  

Great job. Sounds like you have it made!

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