Thursday, March 19, 2009

Favorite Frugal Family Fun

We're a pretty simple family, so we tend to find the simple things are the most fun. And as an added bonus to that, the simple fun things are also usually very frugal. Here are some of our favorite ways to frugally have fun as a family.

  • Root beer floats or homemade milkshakes. Adding these to any ordinary day or night just makes the whole thing special. Add some popcorn and a DVD (preferrably from the library), and you've got some great frugal fun!
  • State parks. We are blessed to have a plethora of state parks within a 30 mile drive from our house. For $4 per car, we can spend all day there have lots of fun. Our favorite state park has a lake for swimming, nature trails and a petting farm.
  • The Library. We love to go to the library to pick out books. But, it's also very easy to make a fun day of it. Sometimes that means we play with puzzles and games in the childrens' reading room. Other times we'll go for free activities or talks.
  • Pancake breakfasts or dinners. Many of the organizations in our community have these as a fundraisers. Sure it costs a bit of money, but it is money well spent. And they are always so fun, especially the pancake breakfasts at the fire station.
  • Picnics. Sometimes we picnic at the park, but most of the time, we just picnic in our backyard and it is just as fun. A special twist for this is to have a breakfast or dinner picnic and time it to coincide with the sunrise or sunset respectively.
  • Exploring local towns. We love to pile in the car and drive to a nearby town that we don't usually take the time to stop at. This is especially fun when the town has a thriving Main St. with stores where we can window shop.
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HappyHermit 8:48 PM  

We just went to a botanical park today !! We go to parks , gardens and nurseries for fun. Thank you for sharing.

Amanda 10:46 PM  

We love picnics too! Even if it's not great weather, we'll just set up one on the floor in the family room.

Phoebe 8:11 AM  

Milkshakes/Root Beer Floats really do add jazz to an evening. My kids are also equally excited with a smoothie. Movie nights at home are one of the best things in life! :)

Judy 4:26 PM  

Great ideas.
A while ago you did a post on Root beer floats. I ended up getting the stuff to make them......BIG HIT!!! The kids LOVED it. Who would have thought $2.50 could make them so happy.

Christina 6:03 PM  

Sounds like the kind of stuff we like to do!

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