Sunday, January 25, 2009

Menu Plan - Week of 1/26

This week I'll get to enjoy a few days off by taking advantage of some meals I made earlier in the month and froze. I won't get as many meals off as usual though since there are a few things I'm planning on saving for while I'm at Blissdom.

My husband's 40th birthday is on Tuesday. I'll try to make him something special for each meal, but his big birthday dinner of choice will be reserved for Saturday or Sunday when we have his family over.



  • M - Weekend leftovers
  • T - Pigs-In-A-Blanket, potato chips, applesauce
  • W - Garbanzo beans & roasted tomato soup, crackers, cheese, apples
  • Th - Pizza bread (from freezer), oranges
  • F - Grilled ham & cheese, carrot & celery sticks
  • S - Ham & Black bean soup (from freezer), biscuits
  • Su - Birthday lunch (see Sat. dinner) or Tuna patty burgers & grapes


  • M - Black bean rice bowls (from freezer), skillet corn
  • T - Beef pasties, maple-glazed carrots
  • W - Chicken & veggie stir-fry
  • Th - Meatball subs (from freezer), zucchini
  • F - Florentine Stuffed shells (from freezer)
  • S - Corned beef, cabbage & carrots, potato pancakes, taffy apple salad, Pepsi 4-layer dessert, German chocolate bars (or tuna patty burgers & sweet potato fries)
  • Su - Seafood & veggie bisque in bread bowls

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Nancy 9:46 AM  

Sounds like another tasty week at your house.

Sherry 10:51 AM  

Great looking menu! We're having pizza bread this week for lunch. :D

Have a great week, Kate!

Michelle 12:14 PM  

looks awesome, as always. your menus always make me drool.

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