Friday, January 23, 2009

I Should Have Noticed The Clues

I tucked the kids in bed and headed to the computer. Little did I know there was a conspiracy in the works. And I missed all the clues.

  • Missed clue #1 - Alex got out of bed to go potty less than 5 minutes after getting in bed.
  • Missed clue #2 - Olivia also got out of bed to go potty, even though her brother was still in the bathroom.
  • Missed clue #3 - 2 minutes turned into 5 minutes.
  • Missed clue #4 - In those 5 minutes, the toilet did not flush.
  • Missed clue #5 - The water in the sink started running.
  • Missed clue #6 - Lots of loud, 3-year-old-style whispering and laughter.

I finally wised up after a minute or so of the laughter.

And now, I'd really like to know who in the world taught my children that wet toilet paper balls stick to mirrors and ceilings. If they figured that out on their own, I am in awe of their intelligence. But that doesn't lessen the punishment they're in for in the morning when I make them wipe down the entire bathroom.


Christina 10:18 PM  

*gasp* oh my. You have your hands full! ; )

Lora 10:26 PM  

Oh no! That sounds just like something my two would come up with:) lol!

Omah's Helping Hands 2:04 AM  

Hee hee, I couldn't help but laugh. I had the same thing happen when my kids were little. The only difference was it was done in the stairwell of the onbase housing we were living in. The ceiling height there was 12'. I couldn't believe it. To this day they still laugh about it. Funny thing too, they brought it up last weekend when my parents came to visit.

Suzy 9:58 AM  

Oh boy. We've had that over here as well, except with the wet toilet paper balls shoved down the sink drain.

I just knew those five minutes of peace was costing me something huge...

Joy @ Five J's 11:42 AM  

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! But at least it could have been worse. You remember how Joely liked to decorate her walls, don't you???

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting 12:46 PM  

haha, sweet. Our children are cut from the same cloth :)

Sandi 1:16 PM  


Carrie 2:01 PM  

OH NO!!! Thank you for warning me what I have to look forward to. Well, that was my first reaction, then I giggled.

Rina 2:33 PM  

Oh, how funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Under the Florida Sun 11:47 PM  

ROFL!!! That is too cute.
I'm sure it was a little frustrating.. but those moments are so special when your kids aren't little like that anymore..

Hope the clean up went well :-)

Elizabeth 9:35 AM  

How cute AND frustrating!!

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