Monday, September 01, 2008

Revamping My Master Menu Plan, Part 2

I finally finished adding and deleting things from my master menu plan. I think I should be all set until spring time now without having to make any adjustments. This plan is not all-inclusive though. I do still like to try new recipes every month so I'll add to it on paper as needed. In about 6 months, I'll readjust again. I'll get rid of meals that we no longer eat and add on any new recipes that we have decided are keepers.

I'll put the whole list into a pdf tomorrow, along with my new master grocery list, and replace the links in my sidebar. I'll also go into more detail on how I use both of these things tomorrow. I'm going to be setting up my plan for this month and my grocery list for Wednesday's trip, so this will help me too.

Here is the second half of my plan. You can find the first half here.


Graham crackers

Wheat crackers

Fried wheat berries

Homemade cookies:

Chocolate chip


Peanut butter

Oatmeal raisin

Oatmeal crisps



Oven-roasted garbanzo beans

Homemade hot pretzels


Fruit platters (w/dip)

Veggie platters (w/dip)


Homemade corn chips

Homemade granola bars

Cinnamon bread twists

Pumpkin seeds


Dried fruit

Trail Mix


Ice cream



Rice pudding



Cookie bars

Strawberry jam bars

Lemon bars

Gingerbread cake

Homemade pudding pops

Cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips

Bread pudding

Peanut butter-hot fudge cake

White cake/cupcakes

Pepsi 4-layer dessert

German chocolate bars

Apple pie


Frozen chocolate-covered bananas

Strawberry shortcakes

Apple spice cake

3-layer chocolate/pb bars



Parmesan chicken (F)

Pretzel chicken

Chicken fricassee

Sesame-seed chicken fingers (F)

Chicken-veggie stir fry

Chicken chop suey

Curry chicken & broccoli casserole (F)

Chicken pot pie (F)

Monterey chicken

Chicken marsala (F)

BBQ chicken sandwiches (F)

Chicken hash

Chicken & dumplings (F)

Chicken & gravy (F)

Chicken & black bean tacos (F)

Chicken enchiladas (F)

Crock-pot creamy chicken

Crock-pot white chicken chili (F)

Chinese chicken salad w/peanut dressing

Chicken tortilla soup (F)

Chicken piccata w/ capers (F)

Chicken cordon-bleu (F)

Chicken Kiev (F)

Chicken pasta salad w/grapes

Chicken curry crepes (F)

Garlic chicken & spinach spaghetti

Spinach-artichoke chicken

Cap’n Crunch chicken (F)

Chicken fried rice

Blackened chicken

Chicken Francese

Orange chicken (F)

Turkey cutlets

Thanksgiving casseroles (F)

Sweet & sour chicken

Cider vinegar chicken (F)

Chicken wontons/cream cheese puffs

Honey chicken (F)

Beef (or ground turkey)

Sloppy Joes (F)

Sloppy Joe shepherd’s pie (F)

Beef pasties (F)

Beef & potato pie

Taco casserole (F)

Swiss steak (F)

French dip

Taco soup (F)

Cheeseburger pie

Beef stew (F)

Hamburgers/cheeseburgers (F)

Salisbury steak (F)

Chili mac

Chopped steaks

BBQ beef & bean cornbread casserole

Spaghetti w/meat sauce (F)

BBQ meatballs (F)

Swedish meatballs (F)

Chili (F)

Meatloaf (F)

Meatloaf cups (F)

BBQ beef biscuit cups

Tacos (F)

Tortilla pie (F)

Beef & rice burritos (F)

Taco salad

Cheeseburger macaroni

Lasagna (F)

Empanadas (F)

Ground beef & onions w/gravy (F)

Shepherd’s pie (F)


Spaghetti w/veggie sauce (F)

Cheesy pasta casserole

Black bean & rice burritos (F)

Spicy lentil stew

Nacho platter

Fettuccine w/creamy mushroom alfredo sauce

Red veggie lasagna (F)

White veggie lasagna

Ricotta-spinach stuffed shells (F)

Cheesy potato soup

Quiches (F)

Lentil & potato soup (F)

Taco lentils

3-bean chili (F)

Mushroom & wild rice chowder

Cheesy garbanzo beans

Curried garbanzo beans

Eggplant Parmesan

Baked mostaccoli

Pesto w/toasted pine nuts or walnuts

Sloppy lentils

Curried lentils & broccoli

Cheese ravioli (F)

Everything Else

Bangers & mash

Pork scaloppini

Polish sausage (F)

Polish sausage Reuben skillet

Black bean & ham bone soup (F)

Italian sausage & peppers (F)

Cheesy potato & ham casserole

Baked French toast w/bacon or sausage

Breakfast casserole

Bratwursts (F)

Sausage ravioli (F)

Honey-ginger salmon

Ham slices (F)

Pizza fondue (F)

Dirty rice

Ranch ham casserole

Red beans & rice (F)

Ham & cheese strata

15-bean soup (F)

Polish sausage & cabbage soup (F)

Tuna casserole (F)

Sole gratin

Cheddar fondue

Shrimp fondue

Homemade pizza (F)

Dinner Sides

Sunny Paris rice pilaf

Brown rice

Cheesy rice & broccoli

Buttered & seasoned noodles

Homemade spaetzle

Mashed potatoes (F)

Broasted potatoes

Rosemary potatoes

Oven Parmesan fries (F)

Sweet potato fries (F)

Cheesy potatoes

Pierogi (F)

Wheat berry pilaf



Cheesy grits

Spanish rice

Macaroni & cheese

Potato pancakes (F)

Fried onions & mushrooms (F)





Skillet corn (F)

Black bean & corn salad


Baked beans (F)

Refried beans (F)

Pasta salad

Crash hot potatoes

Garlic spaghetti

Baked acorn squash w/ honey

Twice-baked potatoes (F)

Roasted veggies

Stir-fried veggies (F)

Garlic zucchini & mushroom sauté (F)

Spaghetti squash

Bulgur salad

Pea salad

Mixed greens tossed salad

Creamed spinach

Spinach salad

Wilted spinach salad w/hot bacon dressing

Sauteed cabbage

Quinoa pilaf

Quinoa & black bean salad

Green beans


Ginger carrots

Carrot slaw salad

Cinnamon apples

Corn on the cob

Cornbread stuffing

Lazy Pierogi

Egg noodles

Homemade noodles (F)

Maple carrots (F)

Fried potatoes

Zucchini cakes (F)

Corn cakes (F)

Onion straws


Extraordinary Ordinary Life 7:35 AM  

Maybe you have covered this before, but do you do Once A Month Cooking or just double batches and freeze as you go?

Anonymous,  10:45 AM  

Ok, Kate, I think you've inspired me to do my own master menu. That is amazing! It would be so handy for when I'm feeling a little less than creative in the kitchen...

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