Sunday, August 31, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook - 9/1

FOR TODAY September 1, 2008...

Outside My Window...
It still looks like summer, but if I look really closely, the beginnings of fall are just starting to show.
I am thinking...
I'm ready for sweater weather!
From the learning rooms...
We are picking up our school books this week. Once we get them, I will spend lots of time getting our plans for the year on paper and writing out daily lessons for the first few weeks at least. We'll officially start school next Monday.
I am thankful for...
My husband getting an entire day off. This is the first day in over four months that he has not had to work at all. We are all really going to enjoy this little break.
From the kitchen...
There is nothing exciting going on in my kitchen today. I'm saving up all my energy for later in the week when I'll start doing some bulk freezer cooking.
I am wearing...
A denim skirt and a white tank top. (We'll see how long I manage to keep it white. Why a mom of small children thinks wearing a white shirt is ever a good idea is beyond me.)
I am creating...
A revised master menu plan (I have been working on this for almost a week and finally can say for sure that it will be done today.) and a revised master grocery list.
I am going...
We'll be taking a trip to the Salvation Army store today. We'll probably take the kids to the park as well.
I am reading...
Nothing right now! I am fresh out of books until we go to the library tomorrow. I finished my last new book on Saturday and have filled in the time re-reading some old cooking magazines. Any suggestions for books from the library?
I am hoping...
That we'll be able to take advantage of the awesome sales at Salvation Army today. We have a pretty good sized list of some things to look for and it would be nice to get some crossed off.
I am hearing...
Coffee brewing and the kids just beginning to stir.
Around the house...
It is going to be a busy week. Wednesday is our monthly grocery trip so I have to get prepared for that. After that I'll start freezer cooking. And I have to get all the schoolwork plans taken care of. I'm hopeful that I'll be as productive as I need to be.
One of my favorite things...
Watching my older three kids encourage my youngest with her newly-discovered walking skills.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Planning, cooking, and more planning. And laundry catch-up, as always. We also need to go to the library and post office on Tuesday.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
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Michele 12:50 PM  

What a blessing to have a day with your husband! :) We're going on the third week with no work for Calvin, so we're actually looking forward to having work again; but for now it's nice to spend time together!

Your outfit sounds cute; just toss an apron over the top, and the shirt will probably stay white. (Otherwise, there's always bleach, right?) :)

The pans all over the kitchen floor is a familiar sight! Fun! :)


Amy 3:00 PM  

Oh, wow Kate. Enjoy the day with your husband! That makes me really thankful for Lance's teaching/coaching schedule!

Grandma Starr 10:58 PM  

Cute pic...
I remember when the kids were small and liked to play with the pots and pans...
Enjoyed your daybook.
Thanks for sharing,

Mrs. C 9:22 PM  

I enjoyed reading your Daybook entry. As for ideas for good books to read, I'm not sure what type of books you enjoy, but I just finished Hidden Places by Lynn Austin. It was a great read! :)

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