Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Revamping My Master Menu Plan

I have been steadily and consistently (or slowly and begrudgingly, depending on how honest you want me to be) working on revising my master menu plan all this week. You can see the original here. So far I have tackled breakfast, breads, lunches, and lunch sides. I am happy to say that I have officially crossed off the list Spaghetti-O's, boxed Macaroni & cheese, and Ramen. Life has been just fine without them the past few months so they are gone for good!

I have added quite a few things to each category because I was getting tired of how little variety I had in some areas. I've been trying out new things more and more lately, so I wanted to incorporate them into my planning. Also, I realized there have been many things that have gotten added to the regular rotation without my ever updating this list. Obviously this task was way overdue.

Here is how it looks so far. I'm looking forward to finishing it up and revising my grocery list. I feel like this will make my life much easier once everything is more current.

The Miller’s Master Menu Plan
(F) = Can be frozen

French toast (F)
Pancakes (F)
Cinnamon Rolls (F)
Sunshine toast
Bagels (F)
Baked oatmeal
Bananas foster oatmeal
Chocolate chip coffee cake (F)
Sausage, gravy & biscuits
Breakfast cookies (F)
Chocolate chip muffins (F)
Peach oatmeal muffins (F)
Bananas foster crepes
English muffin bread (F)
Banana bread/banana muffins (F)
Zucchini bread/muffins (F)
Cranberry-poppy seed bread
Applesauce bread
Apricot breakfast bars (F)
Sausage (F)
Bacon (F)
Cheesy scrambled eggs
Breakfast burritos (F)

Maple-oat bread
Tomato-basil bread
Batter rolls (F)
Whole wheat Breadsticks (F)
Whole wheat bread bowls
Honey-wheat bread (F)
Dill bread
Cheesy bread
Sourdough bread (F)
Italian breadsticks (F)
Corn bread/muffins (F)
Pita bread (F)
Tortillas (F)

Tuna pasta salad
Grilled Cheese
Pizza grilled cheese
PB & J or PB & honey
Taco Roll-Ups
Lunch meat sandwiches
Chicken or veggie wontons
Tuna salad sandwiches
Cream cheese wontons
Egg salad sandwiches
Hummus and pitas
Tuna croquettes (F)
Tuna patty burgers (F)
Cream cheese noodles
Pizza pockets (F)
Cheese & sausage “kabobs”
Veggie wraps
English muffin or pita pizzas
Chicken salad
Chicken noodle/rice soup (F)
Baked potato soup
Cabbage & rice soup (F)
Curry carrot soup
Lentil soup (F)
Black bean soup (F)
Minestrone (F) T
una spread & crackers
Mac & cheese

Lunch Sides
Carrot sticks
Chickpea salad
Celery sticks
Fresh fruit
Apple salad
Canned fruit
Carrot & raisin salad
Cheese slices
Mixed green salad
Hard-boiled eggs
Cottage cheese
I decided to split my breakfast category up a bit more than I used to have it to allow for more variation and options. We have been having smoothies about 3 days/week lately and that is a trend I'd like to continue. So that's another reason why I split things up more.

I'm planning on finishing this list tomorrow, hopefully.


Kirby3131 1:08 AM  

Can I come over for a few meals? I made Turkey Salad a few days ago and have been eating it for lunch ever since...even had it for dinner the other day. I seriously need some variety!

I guess I need to make it a priority, huh? I'll be back to get more ideas :) Thanks!!

Anonymous,  11:04 AM  

That is impressive! I've never thought to make a master menu plan. I'll go months sometimes, though, before I repeat a dish... especially for supper. Hmmm... definitely something to think about doing!

Michele 11:47 AM  

You have some fun meals on your list!

I'd love to see your recipe for cream cheese wontons. :)


Anonymous,  12:21 PM  

Ever since the first time I came across your blog a few months ago, I have been reading it daily. It has given me a lot of inspiration! I haven't seen this covered, and perhaps it's a no-brainer to everyone else, but I would appreciate it if you could walk us freezing newbies through preparing things once they've been frozen. For example, I've read that pancakes freeze well - but after you take them out of the freezer to eat, what's the best way to reheat them? Thanks for sharing your kitchen and home with us!

Jennifer 1:04 PM  

What a great list, I got some good lunch ideas from it. I have been doing better with lunch and serving tuna and crackers more and also a plate of random veggies, crackers, fruits, cheese, etc which the kids seem to really like.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life 9:49 AM  

I do this too! I love it. I am have now almost completed my updated pantry/staples list. I so love meal planning this way. I am going to have to look more into your's. I have you saved in my google reader, but for some reason it doesn't update when you update your blog.

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