Monday, September 01, 2008

Going Out with My Husband

Eric and I had an actual out-of-the-house date on Saturday. This is the second time we've done this in 4 months. And only the fourth time we've done it since Gracie was born. We (meaning I) have finally gotten comfortable with the idea of leaving the kids in someone else's care for a few hours. However, since we (meaning I) are still a little nervous, we put the kids to bed first and go out a little later than we would otherwise. I think this is going to start changing though now that we (meaning I) are more comfortable, and since the kids are a little less needy now too.

Thankfully, my father-in-law and his wife have offered to come over any time we want to go out. (And they've been offering for years even though we (meaning I) have always turned them down in the past.) I am so thankful that they have stayed patient with us (meaning me) throughout these past years. I am also thankful that they are able and willing to come spend time with the kids so that Eric and I can enjoy an occasional date night. We (meaning we) have both decided that it's time we start doing this more often, maybe even on a monthly basis. And my father-in-law and his wife are willing to do this too. It's a pretty exciting turn of events around here for us.

I am also thankful that our children are so comfortable with their grandpa and grandma. They really do have a good relationship and it seems to get better every time we see them. The warm-up period that has always been the standard is now almost non-existent.

And I suppose I should say that I am thankful for Eric and for his patience with me. He has been so understanding when I've been hesitant to go out. We have gotten really good at doing date-nights at home, and we'll still continue to do those. I don't think we'd ever want to give that up.

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Michele 11:30 PM  

We actually had a date on Saturday, too! :) We went to see "Sound of Music" shown on a big screen in the park. It was great!

We've never left Gen overnight, but we're starting to leave her for longer periods in the evening with a close friend. (I'm gradually getting used to the idea of leaving without her!) :)


Jen 9:18 AM  

Date nights are great when they happen. I remember being nervous about leaving them with people. But it is nice to have that time with your husband.

pilgrimwanderings 11:33 AM  

We need to do more date nights at our house, too. Couples definitely need that time together.

Shalee 12:06 PM  

Our date nights are really a priority in our house. Our kids already know that "you're going to bed early" means that we will be having a date night in our house and we don't want to see them until breakfast.

We were blessed this weekend to have some friends take our kids on Sunday night. That left Mr. Right and I to ourselves where we went to a free symphony concert in the park. We had a picnic, shared a bottle of wine and enjoyed some much needed culture together in each other's arms. Ahhh, I love being married to him.

Nancy 2:12 PM  

Lawman and I have continued dating throughout our 17 years of marriage on a regular basis. We find that we are better partners and parents when we continue to make time for "us." Glad you & Eric are enjoying this! It's important.

They Call Me Momma 3:48 PM  

We try to do date nights too. It helps us to be better parents by being better spouses!

Laura 4:10 PM  

How NICE that you have such willing babysitters! I'm so glad that you have had these opportunities lately...and can look forward to many more in the future!

Audra Krell 9:57 PM  

Date nights are so, so important. We do ours on Sunday nights. When the kids were really little, we would leave at 4 pm and be home by 8 to put them to bed ourselves. Then I got to where we stayed out longer to make sure the kids were in bed by the time we got home. I LOVE Sunday nights, no crowds, no teens being annoying at the movies, etc. It was an incredible way to start our week. Now our kids are 15,12 and 9, so we have more freedom to go, but I still can't stand Sat. night at the movies, the kids have nothing else to do are so annoying. Try Sunday, you might love it!

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