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The Bible In 90 Days Challenge

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I love the idea of setting a goal for reading through the bible. More than that, I love the idea of doing it in a group. There's nothing better than a whole bunch of people to discuss with and to help keep each other accountable.

When Amy first told me about this 90 -Day challenge, I was excited. I want to get on board and really do this! Unfortunately, I know myself. I know I have a major character flaw when it comes to this kind of stuff and my lack of follow-through always prevents me from seeing stuff through. So, I am looking forward to watching the discussions and participating when possible, but I'm just not comfortable with committing right now.

But please don't let my decision sway you. I definitely recommend doing this, and I don't think there could be a better leader for this than Amy!

Now, here's Amy in her own words...

Have you ever thought about reading the Bible... the whole thing, from start to finish?

I thought about it for years, and even attempted a few times on my own, before I discovered Bible in 90 Days, joined a group at my church and read the whole thing without stopping, cover to cover.

I was so blown away by the experience that I offered to facilitate it at my next church and have since facilitated several more times, trained facilitators and now plan to host an online community via my blog, MomsToolbox.

If you have ever considered reading the whole Bible, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you join me January 1- March 31, 2010, as I read and blog through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, bit by bit, in order, every day.

If you would like to join our online community, here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • Plan to set aside about an hour each day from January 1- March 31 for an incredibly enriching experience.
  • Get your hands on a Bible in 90 Days Bible from www.biblein90days.org, or your local Christian bookstore.
  • Consider also purchasing the Bible in 90 Days Participant’s Guide which offers weekly questions for you ponder to gain more insight from your reading. (I’ll be using these questions for our weekly Twitter meet-ups.)
  • Consider purchasing the Bible in 90 Days Essential Bible Companion, which offers a snapshot of information to help you make it through each week’s reading without getting distracted by researching on the internet.
  • Bookmark my site, www.MomsToolbox.com, and plan to visit January 1- March 31 after you have completed each day’s reading to see what I learned and report in that you have read for the day.
  • Follow me on Twitter (@MomsToolbox) and plan to be on Twitter every Monday night of the program from 9-10 CST (much like a study meeting—just online!) when we can ask and answer each other’s questions. Use and look for the #B90Days hashtag for our group discussion.

I would bet some of you are asking “Why this particular Bible?” Here’s why - The official Bible in 90 Days Bible is an NIV Bible, so it is an easy-to-read direct translation. This edition has large type, minimal footnotes and indicates where you should start and stop reading each day. Sure, you could accomplish this goal using your own Bible, but the statistics point to a huge success ratio for those using this official Bible... and not so much success for those who choose to use a different one. And don’t you want to succeed this time?

Although we won’t be meeting in person, my prayer is that via almost-daily online communication on my blog, as well as on Twitter we can still hold each other accountable, helping each other to accomplish our goal to read every word of the Bible attentively in 90 days.

I’d love to encourage you in this endeavor. It has been life-changing for me. I cannot express how much reading the bible in 90 days has helped me with every study I have participated in and every sermon I have heard since then. I now know the context of the stories. I know where to find them... and I can clearly see how they are related. And to read about Christ and the fulfillment of countless prophesies just after you’ve read about those prophesies is amazing!

If you’re up for the challenge, I’m up for encouraging you every step of the way. Pray about it. Think about it… And click on over to MomsToolbox.com to let me know if you’d like to join in the challenge and to learn more.

But do it soon so you’ll be ready to start 2010 in His Word… all of it! Hope to see you there!

** If you still have questions, plan to follow me on Twitter and join me for our first Twitter chat this Monday, December 21 from 9-10 CST. I’ll be there ready to chat about the program and would love to answer any questions you may have.

I have a feeling that this could definitely work for so many families! Stop by We Are THAT Family for more Works For Me Wednesday.


Melissa 12:48 PM  

We've read the Bible in a year, but this is quite a challenge!

Thanks for sharing!

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