Thursday, December 17, 2009

Foregoing Christmas Cards

For the past few years, I have diligently written our Christmas cards. I've sealed, addressed and stamped them. Then I've piled them up on my desk where they've sat until about June, when I get tired of looking at them and figure I should just start on next year's cards at that point.

I've had the best of intentions. I just am woefully inept at making sure things that need to be mailed actually make it to the post office.

So this year, I decided it was time to face reality. I thought about sending out cards. I even looked online at a few different photo card options. But in the end, I knew it would just be a repeat of every other year. And where is the sense in that? I might as well just throw 20 or 30 dollars in the garbage and call it even.

I do feel a little guilty. I know I probably should send out Christmas cards. I know my excuses are a little flimsy, albeit completely honest. I know I really would like to send out cards, and that Eric would like me to send out cards, and that my mom probably wouldn't mind too much either. I know...I know...

But the one thing I don't feel bad about is the money we'll save on cards that never get opened and stamps that never get processed.

Sometimes frugality means a large helping of common sense served with a side a guilt. And I'm okay with that.

Stop by Life As Mom for some real, practical frugal tips.


Anonymous,  11:37 PM  

There were so many free photo deals this year -- I made all my cards for free. The trick is to start early.
Maybe something to think about for next year.

Emily 8:49 AM  

while photo cards can be free and other cards can be cheap, the truth is that postage is non-negotiable! We only send out cards to close relatives, though some year we may do a wider-reaching e-card. Don't feel guilty - be thoughtful to those people some other time of year, or give a few people an actual phone call to say hi!

Alisa 12:26 PM  

I'm not sending cards this year either. A few years ago I made a nice letter with a few photos. I made it into a pdf file and emailed it to all of our family and friends. That was easy!

Jes 1:10 PM  

We aren't mailing cards out this year, our family will be receiving them with their gifts...but last year we took old Christmas cards that had no writing on the back of the picture and used them as postcards...the postage is about half price then! :) We look for all sorts of frugal ways to cut corners but still let everyone know we care! :)

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