Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Easy Bacon De-Greasing

I rely on diced bacon a lot around our house. It is an easy way to really up the flavor of any dish, even with just a slice or two. I use scissors to make the dicing of the bacon easy. Then I add those pieces to a skillet. Easy enough...but I always had a tough time getting all the grease off those little pieces.

Then I discovered this little trick that really works for me. I remove the bacon from the skillet with a slotted spoon and place it in a bowl that is lined with a double layer coffee filter. The coffee filters are very absorbent and it is easy to stir the bacon pieces around so that all the grease is absorbed.

If I'm dealing with a large amount of bacon pieces, I'll add an extra layer or two of coffee filters on top of each other. So, I'll add a third of the bacon to the bowl, then I'll top that with another double layer of coffee filters and add more bacon. It's so easy and really works great.

Plus, clean up is a breeze. I just throw the coffee filters away when I'm done and clean out the bowl. I never have to deal with those grease drips on the counter that can happen when you drain bacon on a paper towel on a plate.

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Beth 9:58 PM  

I use coffee filters to drain grease off bacon, fries, onion rings, etc. It works great and it's much cheaper than paper towels.

Bridget 10:58 PM  

This is a GREAT idea! And, what a pretty picture of bacon! ;) Thanks so much for the tip!

Sandi 11:51 PM  

Good idea!

Buffie 9:09 AM  

What a great idea. Thanks.

Tracey 2:49 PM  

Great tip!! We always have coffee filters around the house (even when we're out of paper towels!) so this will come in handy!

Carol 5:38 PM  

Great idea! I use coffee filters to cover food in the microwave, but hadn't thought of them for greasy foods!

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