Tuesday, September 08, 2009

When A Homeschooled Girl Heads To School For The First Time

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Sue 1:15 AM  

So... how was it? How did Isabelle enjoy her first day in "away from home" school? How did Mom do? ;-)

Ray 8:32 AM  

Hope the first day went by peacefully :)

Ali 9:25 AM  

I love first day of school pictures! I read your post on the decision to send her to school and thank you so much for sharing. I predict that the teachers will love you for being so involved in her learning!

Cassie 9:43 AM  

I love her skirt! I hope she had a great time.

Anonymous,  10:54 AM  

Did she have a great day? She looks like she'd be an easy friend to make.

MSW Mom Jan 11:48 AM  

I love her outfit, good choice. She looks so very grown up. I hope she is enjoying her new school.

Mama Zen 1:18 PM  

I hope that her first day was perfect!

Anonymous,  1:22 PM  

Oh, can't wait to hear how her first day went...

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