Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Night Date Nights

My husband's schedule is a bit different from most. His schedule typically has him out of the house until at 11 pm, except on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Saturday is his only completely work free day. So that means Saturday is family day, which usually carries over into family night as well. Occasionally, maybe once every other month or so, he and I will go out for dinner, but that is the exception.

We are not without regular date nights though. We take advantage of his earlier hours on Tuesday nights and have Tuesday night date nights. This works perfectly for us. We both look forward to our Tuesday nights every week.

I wrap up any bloggy business earlier in the night than usual so that by the time Eric gets home, I am ready to be off the computer. We eat dinner together and watch some shows on Hulu. Our current obsession is 24 and I'm not quite sure what we'll do when that's over, but we'll find something else to watch. Every once in a while, Eric will pick us up something to eat or a special dessert treat on his way home.

This time is coveted. We both know our Tuesday night is set aside. Occasionally he'll get home late from work, but we carry on with our date night as usual, we just push it back a while.

I realize a Tuesday night date night doesn't work for everybody. And that's really not the point of this post. My point is that it is so important to set aside this special time. Even if you spend every night with your husband, choose one day that you'll both respect as date night time. Don't let anything interfere with it.

Do you have set aside date nights at home? I'd love to hear what your usual date night consists of. I'm also up for any tv show recommendations that both spouses enjoy equally. We only have a few episodes of 24 left. We're on the brink of choosing old seasons of Fantasy Island that are available on Hulu for our date night viewing. We watch tv so rarely that we really don't know what else is out there that is good.

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Paula Constable 7:31 AM  

I have to admit this is something we need to work on. It is nice to have a regualr date night. I try to have one at least once a month. It makes such a difference!

Snow White 7:44 AM  

We love our date nights! In the summer months, we enjoy a nice walk together after dinner and then watch a movie or TV show together. We highly recommend LOST -- especially if you like 24 :)

Eden 8:42 AM  

We watch NCIS and Numbers together but not sure they're on Hulu. And my hubby recently started watching Chuck with me. But we did watch Remington Steele on Hulu - it was nice to be able to watch the episodes in order - a lot made more sense than it did when I was a kid. Personally, I also enjoy Monk. Final recommendation is Life, but you HAVE to watch it in order from the beginning.

Rona's Home Page 10:14 AM  

My husband and I work together so it's very important for us to have some time away for the workplace.
We don't have a regular date night.
Sometimes one of us will suggest a night out or schedule something.
My husband actually suggested lunch at the park last Tuesday. It was fun, relaxing and gave us that much deserved downtime.

Christina 11:26 AM  

We don't have a regular date night, but we often spontaneously enjoy evenings together. One of our favorite "date" activities is Scrabble (yes, we're nerdy like that), but we also occasionally indulge in hulu or a movie.

Mom2fur 11:54 AM  

I was just telling my husband, Mike, that we should think about going out to dinner during the week. Most restaurants have Monday-Thursday 'specials.' Our youngest is 18, so there's no need to plan around a babysitter. I think I might surprise him one night next week and say, 'let's go out on a date!' What a wonderful way to remember you are friends as well as lovers!

Erin @ Closing Time 4:29 PM  

We spend a lot of time together and both work at home, but we need to schedule more official date nights like this.

You should try watching Lost. Hulu has all the seasons from the beginning on right now!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 7:44 PM  

We dont have a regular night but when we do we go to Borders Bookstore. We browse books together, chat while we lounge in their leather chairs or sofas and sip Seattle's Best coffee. We often find free or BOGO coupons for there, hence the choice.


Sue 6:18 PM  

Being a family of 2, it feels like every night is date night - lol We generally enjoy the same shows (mostly reality t.v.) so we watch a lot together plus on weekends we often either go out to dinner or to the movies. It's one of the perks I've come to embrace in the life God chose for us. We would LOVE to have had kids but God seemed to shut every door in that area so now we just embrace each other and the precious time we have!

I'm glad you & your hubby have a sacred date night. I think it's SO important for couples with kids to remember that it's you two first and the kids are an addition to your family! ;-)


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