Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Summer Buzz

It happened last year - Alex matured overnight because of a buzz cut.

You'd think I would have been prepared for it again this year.

Still a shocker!

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Tiaras & Tantrums 12:29 AM  

WOW!!!!!! what a difference!!

Staci 12:37 AM  

Isn't it amazing how much they change with a haircut? I feel the same way every time. He's a cutie!

Joy 1:09 AM  

That is an amazing difference. But he's just as handsome both ways.

Happy WW!

Christine 2:05 AM  

I posted pics of my littlest guy from just the other day... I cut his hair over the weekend (not posted) and he looks so different. It's amazing how quickly they look all grown up after a hair cut!

What a handsome little man you have! :)

Audrey 2:08 AM  

Wow, he looks so grown up with a simple change of hair!

Run DMT 4:52 AM  

Awwwww...I hate it when the grow up! :-( Happy WW anyway!

Tiff 7:09 AM  

wow what a difference! It does make him look so much older!

kiddiescorner 8:03 AM  

Wow looks completely different. Very handsome! Happy WW!

Amy 8:36 AM  

That is a big change for sure. Amazing what hair can do.

I am Harriet 8:41 AM  

How fun. Looks easy and comfy to me.

Tara 12:59 PM  

LOL!! i do that to my little guy too and they look so grown up!

Amy and her little family 2:03 PM  

they grow up too fast!!! It's all that food we're giving them... we should all cut back :)

Upstatemomof3 2:19 PM  

Isn't it funny how something like a haircut can completely change their face? :)

Courtney 6:39 PM  

He is still adorable and your baby. But I could not do it and refuse to cut my little man's curls. he only gets trims. One day I will be where you are!

Sally 9:27 AM  

Wow, what a difference a buzz makes!!

Leslie 9:29 AM  

Wow is right. He looks so much more grown with that hair cut. Adorable, I love it like that.

Sue 7:29 PM  

Shocking how much more mature the buzz cut makes him look, huh? WOW! It will be so cool and easy for him!

Janis @ SneekPeek 11:52 PM  

He is a cutie with or without his hair.

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