Wednesday, March 11, 2009

13 Things About The Birthday Girl

Today was Gracie's second birthday. She is the first one of my children I ever wrote a birthday post about, and I can't believe it's already been a year!

We did not have any big celebration today (that will be on Saturday), but she did get lavished with attention and birthday wishes from Eric, the older kids and myself. She was referred to as "the birthday girl" all day long!
So here are 13 things about this sweet little birthday girl.

  1. She was an unexpected blessing of the best kind! I was a little hesitant to tell Eric at first though. I knew for almost 3 weeks before I told him. He was absolutely thrilled and excited.
  2. As the youngest with two older sisters, 2 older female cousins, and a few family friends, she has been wonderfully dressed since the day she was born. We haven't had to buy her any clothes, and probably won't either.
  3. Although we did buy her coming home from the hospital outfit. The onesie that she wore home is still sitting in my closet waiting to be turned into a pillow.
  4. My labor with her was one of the best ever. There were no issues and my nurse knew I planned to go natural. She brought me a breakfast tray because she knew everything would go as planned. I ate bacon and drank a cup of coffee while I was 7 centimeters. I wasn't hooked up to anything and got to walk around whenever I wanted to. Since I've always dreamed of a home birth, this hospital birth was probably the closest I'll ever get!
  5. Gracie was a fantastic sleeper right from the start. I could lay her down with her eyes open and she'd just drift off peacefully.
  6. I felt a little guilty about that and often wanted to wake her up after she was asleep just so we could have some one-on-one time.
  7. She has been spoiled with attention from her older sisters and brothers right from the start. As a result, she is also their greatest cheerleader and imitator.
  8. She began crawling with a super-fast military crawl before she was 6 months old. That was her mode of transportation before she began walking. She only crawled on hands and knees for about 2 weeks before transitioning to walking full time.
  9. She was a late walker, but I bet she would have walked sooner if I had actually put her down more often.
  10. Gracie is the only one of our kids to suck her thumb. She used to suck her thumb and put her hand down my shirt for comfort. Now she sucks her thumb and plays with her belly button.
  11. She loves to pick out her own clothes. In fact, she's very independent with most things. It kind of surprises me since she has 3 willing helpers who want to do everything for her. But I'd much rather see her independence then to see her expect to have things done for her all the time.
  12. Her pronunciation of words is very unique. When we say prayers at night, Eric or I will say things and she repeats after us so we often add words that we love to hear her say. Therefore, she thanks God for bubbles, turtle, water and noodles every night.
  13. Gracie has the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes ever. Ever since she was born, we can't go anywhere without someone commenting on her eyes.
Happy Birthday Gracie Lynn!

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Under the Florida Sun 10:36 PM  

Happy Birthday to a sweet little cutie!

Shaina Herrmann 11:10 PM  

Aww :) Happy Birthday to Gracie!
My daughter turns 1 tomorrow! Years go by so fast when you have children!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting 12:41 AM  

Oh my goodness, Kate, she is a mini you! She's beautiful!!!! Happy birthday sweet doll-face!!

Niki 10:31 AM  

Those eyes are indeed stunning. What a doll.

shopannies 11:13 AM  

her eyes are so pretty they match the rest of her. She is so cute and time passes so fast. Memories are the best and it is great that you are blogging about them that way they will stay forever

Miss Jenn 2:09 PM  

What a darling little doll! Happy birthday to her...she sure is a cutie!

It Feels Like Chaos 2:13 PM  

So sweet! Happy Birthday Little Gracie!

HappyHermit 3:20 PM  

Happy Birthday to your little.

Anonymous,  4:11 PM  

Happiest of Birthday's Gracie! We love and miss you!
Aunt Christine, Uncle Jason & Jocelyn

Sarah 4:36 PM  

This is the sweetest list ever! I think you should store a copy in her baby book or another special place.
After reading this post I feel like I have intruded on a tender mother/ daughter moment.
Happy Birthday Gracie!

April 5:56 PM  

Happy birthday sweet girl! I love the name Gracie Lynn!

The Mom Jen 1:15 AM  

What a sweet tribute to your birthday girl, gorgeous eyes!!

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