Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Dream Hugs

Alex is the most emotional and sensitive of our children. And as such, he is prone to bad dreams. The kind of bad dreams that send him running to our room in the middle of the night and crawling into bed with us. (I do love cuddling with my boy, but the bruises on my body from his constant moving are starting to protest.)

Every night as he gets into bed, he tells me that he is going to have good dreams. I always agree with him of course. And then I give him a big hug and kiss.

But Alex is a daddy's boy and his dad is his hero. So dad's hugs and promises of good dreams hold a bit more weight then mom's. Eric has recently started a new routine with Alex of giving him a special "good dream hug" before bed every night. Most of the time, this means that Alex gets his hug after he's already been asleep for awhile because of Eric's work schedule.

Alex always wakes up just enough to know he has gotten his good dream hug. Although that didn't happen last night. He came into our bedroom early this morning crying because he never got his good dream hug.

It has been really cool to watch this new bond form between the two. I love the thought of this becoming a tradition. Maybe someday Alex will give his own kids "good dream hugs." Afterall, they are mighty powerful. And that is definitely a finer thing!

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Mrs. Bick 10:21 PM  

My daughter didn't have dream issues, but needed something "more" to help her sleep. That is when dream spray was brought in. (BTW, dream spray is sold in the stores, but it is marketed under different names... Airwick, Glade, etc.)

She needed that for a while, but that faded to imaginary dream spray (we just have to pretend to spray it and make that hissing sound), and that works.

Funny what kids need, and how they incorporate and fade things as they see fit.

Now she needs "snuggles" at bed time. Really that is just both of us on her bed, talking for a little while, doing her letter of the week, an occasional real snuggle...

Loved your story.

JessieLeigh 8:15 AM  

What a sweet story. And what a precious bond that is being forged between your son and your husband. How wonderful that your little boy will grow up knowing the encouragement and strength that only a father can provide. Beautiful.

Sarah 3:22 PM  

This will be such a loving memory for Alex when he is older. Love it!

Amy @ Finer Things 9:53 PM  

Lance had to "squeeze the bad dreams out" for our big girl for a spell. I stood in when I could, but it just wasn't the same. ;-)

Kind of sad that phase has passed...

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