Sunday, February 01, 2009

Spreading The Bloggy Love


Over at Happy To Be At Home, we are challenging everyone to spread the first two weeks of February, leading up to Valentine's Day, spreading the love to our favorite bloggers.

I know I have been seriously lacking in this lately. That's just not right, because there are so many blogs I read on a daily basis, and so many fellow bloggers that encourage me, make me laugh, or inspire me. I am going to jump into this challenge whole-heartedly and spread as much Bloggy Love as I can!
  1. Comment, comment, comment! Stop by your favorite blogs and leave a comment on one or two posts. (I started doing some of this last night, and plan to do more tonight!)
  2. Subscribe. If you don’t already, subscribe via RSS, e-mail, or follow the blog on blogger.
  3. Social bookmarking. Choose a great post or two on your favorite blogs and bookmark them using StumbleUpon, Kirtsy, Digg,, or any of the other social bookmarking sites out there.
  4. Tweet. If you have a Twitter account, send out a few tweets with links to your favorite bloggers.
  5. Click through an ad or visit a site sponsor.
  6. Send a thank you email. Let your favorite bloggers know just how much you appreciate the dedication and hard work they put into their blogs.
  7. Mark your favorite blogs as a favorite in Technorati.
  8. Read through the archives. Then comment on a post or two that’s new to you.
  9. Write a post on your blog and share links to some of your favorite bloggers.
  10. Visit some of the blogs in your favorite blogger’s blogroll and let them know how you found their link.
  11. Nominate your favorites for blog awards or a BlogHer of the Week post.
  12. Find some new favorites. Spend some time exploring new blogs found through memes or carnivals.
  13. Grab a button. If your favorite bloggers have a button for their site, grab it and put it in your sidebar.
  14. When or if your favorite blogger hosts a Mr. Linky, do your best to participate.
Also at Happy To Be At Home, we've compiled a list of memes to keep you blogging and linked up throughout the week. There are lots of new-to-me memes on the list. I'm looking forward to participating in as many of them as possible during the next few weeks. (By the way, if you host a meme and it's not listed, just leave a comment there and we'll update the list.)


Jennifer 9:18 AM  

This sounds fun. I quit commenting, for some reason, probably lack of time about a month ago. Last week I started making a sincere effort to get back to it. I will continue, as I do get so much from the blogs I read, it is only nice to comment and let them know. And of course I love getting comments on my blog - and it works both ways right?

Melissa 10:43 AM  

I think this is a great idea! I love getting comments & don't like visiting over people's blog without at least saying hello:)

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