Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So Worth the $7.00

Lately, it seems like our silverware has been falling into a black hole. Well not exactly a black hole, but close enough. We've found it under couch cushions, in beds, in the toybox.

And we know a good portion of it has been slipped into the little crack between our counter top and cabinet left from when the dishwasher was installed. If we ever (God forbid!) get mice in our home, that would be the prime space for them to take up residence because they could eat like royalty with a nearly complete set of flatware at their disposal.

It has been an ongoing joke between Eric and I for awhile. But lately I've been seen the frustration in the situation more than the humor. There is no reason we should run out of forks before lunch time!

So Eric, because he loves me and gets that limiting my frustration is a good thing, stopped in at IKEA last week. There he picked up 2 boxes of "Bonus" flatware for $3.49 a piece. Each box contained 4 forks, 4 knives, 4 tablespoons, and 4 teaspoons. Perfect!Granted, this silverware is not the prettiest, but it is super functional. The kids love it. And the price was right.

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Omah's Helping Hands 12:02 AM  

We don't have an IKEA here. I've been searching, but it hasn't been easy finding anything that isn't too expensive to replace the long lost silverware. Hmmm, sure would like to know where they are going.
Had a good chuckle with the mouse idea. I can see them now, "Wow! Check this out, they gave us silverware to use. No one has ever done that for us before. We are staying here." ;) Have a great rest of the week. So glad you found a good deal!!!

janetfaye 12:41 AM  

I always seem to be searching for my lost flatware! I never do find any of them.

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 4:32 AM  

Every few months we have to buy silverware at my house because it seems like it vanishes into thin air. I often tell my sons to eat their dinner and not the silverware. ;) I think a lot of it gets tossed accidentally into the trashcan when they scrape their plates off after dinner. Either that, or my dishwasher eats it.

Judy 5:50 AM  

Me too!! For me it is teaspoons. I have no idea where they go.

Homesteader in Training 6:28 AM  

Now that's a bargain! Yeah for hubby!

Danielle Porter 6:43 AM  

Oh how I miss Ikea...

Denise 7:14 AM  

I wish we had an IKEA!!! We are seriously lacking in the spoon department around our house. I'm pretty sure the kids must have been using them to dig in the yard before the weather turned cold.

I've been thinking about getting a new complete set at Walmart, but silverware is so expensive even there.

Jennifer 9:57 AM  

Spoons are what we run short on. I really like my silverware and we only run out of spoons if we have cereal and soup on the same day, but I am down from 12 to about 8. Not good! They don't make my pattern anymore and I have no idea what happened to those missing spoons, probably the trash. I wish I would find them around my house LOL. My solution is to buy a pack of plastic spoons to have on hand when we run short. Of course we reuse those as long as possible. I really need to hit IKEA, I have never been but it sounds like a great store.

Tasha 12:01 PM  

Glad to know I'm not alone on flatware ending up in odd places. My husband found a fork in my glove box! I have no idea how it got there, lol.

Proverbs30one 1:08 PM  

I miss Ikea! I used to live near one and visited weekly.

Those are quite nice. Great deal too!

Brooke 2:42 PM  

that's a great price!

thediaperdiaries 8:36 PM  

We have a knife problem over here. This is the perfect solution. I need to get over to IKEA for a whole host of reasons. This is now top on my list.

thediaperdiaries 8:37 PM  

PS. I didn't see any comments on my blog for the camera. You have earned 2 entries if you want them :)

tidymom 10:31 PM  

I had to do the same thing about a year ago, but I like what you got a lot better - I just picked up a bunch of forks at WalMart. - yuk


Mrs. B. 10:35 PM  

I love just about everything found at IKEA. Such a fantastic store. :)

Living with Lindsay 11:06 PM  

I love your mouse idea. You should drop some napkins and plates down there for them, too. LOL

I heart Ikea. I love that they have super modern stuff and then shabby floral couches. There's something for everyone!

Misti of Studio M Designs 11:50 PM  

Good thing IKEA is online, mine is a day trip for me. It is a wonderland of fun when we get to go! Give your husband a big hug for bringing home some silverware love.

carolinajewel 8:21 AM  

When I was growing up my mother would only use sterling and we had to count every night! When I got married I got some nice stainless and didn't count. Guess what? The black hole has swallowed lots of my stainless. (And when I use my sterling I do count. Once found a fork in the trash!) I like your new flatware. :D Jewel

amariaf2000 9:07 AM  

Sweet price!! We just got an IKEA here in Charlotte, NC last week! I've never been, but I think I must check it out!!
~angela @ peonypatch

ms. less is always more 1:07 PM  

Gotta love IKEA... plus isn't it cute that the IKEA "name" for the flatware is "BONUS" - my husband and I always like to notice the funky scandinavian names the products have. Then use them in a sentence: "It sure is a 'bonus' that these are so cheap" Ha!

cute blog!

Pam Kersting 2:29 PM  

I remember those days of the disappearing silverware! They go by too fast, however. Target also has some good deals on decent everyday ware as well. Good luck!

Tamara Jansen 2:49 PM  

I have the EXACT same problem and found that EXACT same solution! What a coincidence. I LOVE IKEA

Suzy 7:30 PM  

I love IKEA....I'll have to get me some of that silverwear. Thanks for sharing!

The BLAH BLAH BLAHger 8:05 PM  

IKEA silverware is also PERFECT for RVs or camping supplies! The problem for me with IKEA is a simple trip there takes me hours and I usually spend WAY too much money on random stuff. Ha!

Liz@Violet Posy 3:29 PM  

We have those and they have lasted at least 5 years! I have bit of Ikea fixation, it takes my hubby ages to get me away from the kitchen items and the candles :) Thanks for sharing!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses 10:48 AM  

You gotta love IKEA! We're always running short on silverware around here, too. Maybe I need to start checking under the sofa cushions for the missing pieces! :-)

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