Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Smart Snacking

I am a habitual snacker. Most days I could contentedly snack the day away without ever sitting down for a full meal. This is sometimes an issue considering that I prepare 3 full meals a day for my family and they tend to like it when I sit down and eat with them. So in the interest of eating healthfully without gaining a gajillion pounds, I've found that smart snacking really works for me.

For me, smart snacking is all about portion control. I enjoy healthy snacks and try to eat them as much as possible. But I also have a wicked sweet and salty tooth. When I avoid those foods, or view them as off limits, I tend to overindulge in them when I do eat them. That was a difficult lesson to learn. So now I subscribe to the "everything in moderation" method. I don't feel deprived and I don't overindulge.

How about you? What are your snacking habits? If you're like me and enjoy salty snacks, I've got an awesome giveaway for you. And it is just in time for holiday entertaining.
I have this wonderful snack basket to giveaway filled with some of the very best Frito-Lay snacking products - Fritos, Lays chips, Tostitos, Sun Chips, and bean dip.

Frito-Lay has teamed up with the American Dietetic Association to create an amazing new website to help us all on our quest for healthy snacking. The site, License To Snack, is filled with wonderful tips, ideas and advice. It has become an invaluable tool for me in adjusting my snacking habits.

To enter the giveaway, stop by the License To Snack website and let me know what you think of it. I'll randomly select one winner next Wednesday, December 10th.

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Anonymous,  10:48 PM  

That's an awesome website! I love all the tools. I know this sounds horrible, but up until a few minutes ago I didn't know what a healthy weight is for me! Thanks for posting about it!

Janelle 11:47 PM  

That is a very neat site and I plan to spend more time exploring it. Thanks so much for the info on it and for the chance to win the giveaway! :-)

Chris and Julie 6:45 AM  

Neat website-thanks for the link!

Cheryl 8:19 AM  

I love the "personal dashboard" on the site. I found out my target heart rate and how many calories I burn off running 30 minutes a day.


Wanda 9:37 AM  

Vroom Vroom! That is cute and helpful!

Great idea.....and awesome prizes.

Love em!

Rachel 9:38 AM  

Pretty cool webiste - thanks for sharing with us and for the chance to win the goodie basket :)

Jenni 10:15 AM  

I liked the personal dashboard section the best. I've recently begun a diet and this section had lots of helpful info for me. I really like the driving them - it's cute!

Southerner 10:47 AM  

Cute site. I also like the dashboard. Now, please send me something to snack on, I don't feel good.

Mom2three 11:10 AM  

What a great website - this is something I could share with my kids during school. I liked the Maps and Guides just for this reason - my kids...

Anonymous,  11:44 AM  

figuring out my healthy weight was cool, I never pay attention to that stuff, if I think I look fat or thin is all I go by!

eddie2kevin @ tampabay.rr.com

Maria 11:52 AM  

Great website!! I plan on exploring more. Thanks for sharing.

Chicago Saver 11:56 AM  

I love this website! I bookmarked it already and I think this is a great tool! Thanks for the giveaway (and the great site)!

katers2714 12:21 PM  

I like the guides on the website that help guide you along with the maps.

linda 12:41 PM  

what great site. I bought my nephew a dvd for Christmas, this would be a great gift to go along with it. God Bless Merry Christmas

Suze 12:48 PM  

Great website.

Great giveaway.


Lydia,  1:04 PM  

I really liked the personal dashboard...I'm trying to lose some baby weight and I found this insightful. I also liked the Snacking not Sneaking area. I can totally identify with what they have written there. I enjoyed reading some tips for great snacking. Thanks for the interesting giveaway!

racheljk 1:11 PM  

What a great website! It has a lot of great tools
Rachel K

Pat,  1:46 PM  

Cool tools. I like the personal dashboard especially.
pkildow at gmail dot com

CrystalGB 1:48 PM  

What a neat site. Thank you for the giveaway.

Mom2fur 1:51 PM  

It's actually better for me to 'graze' than to eat 3 big meals, because I have a very sensitive stomach. I enjoy sweets in the afternoon, but if I want a second snack I try to make it a salad--I'd be eating one with dinner, anyway, LOL! If you put some fruit on a salad, that might satisfy your need for sweet--try dried cranberries, yum!
If you really want to go all out, make some sugared nuts for your salad. Yeah, it's sugar, but it's also nuts, so if you only eat a few of them you're okay. Besides, nuts are good for you.
You put some sugar in a skillet and throw in the nuts. Turn the heat on medium. Keep stirring--it takes a while for the sugar to start melting, but when it goes it goes FAST, so don't walk away from it. I usually let mine go until the sugar is just the lightest shade of golden brown, although you can stop a little before or after that. Let them cool them put them in an airtight container and add to your salad as you like...assuming you can resist eating them right there, LOL!

mommy2davin 1:56 PM  

Cute website intro.
I'd love to win.
We are always a snackin'

Honey 2:12 PM  

Its good to see that America is becoming more health conscious. And healthy snacks are being made and marketed for kids. Thanks for info about that site.
honeysmith (at) bellsouth (dot) net

Robyn 4:43 PM  

This would be a fun way to teach my boys about healthy snacking. I like that it takes away the negative connotations to snacking. As long as it's healthy, we should be doing it.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Lala 5:00 PM  

my hubby and boys love to snack and this site is great its a teaching tool for me thanks xbabygurl19@yahoo.com

Kitmun 5:12 PM  

Its loud, something you dont want to look at while at work!

Steph,  6:22 PM  

Great website! Very informative!


Andrea V,  7:19 PM  

Hey the road test was fun, learned alot. thanks
vickers at comcast dot net

Audra Krell 7:19 PM  

What a great website you've passed on! Thanks for doing this, I'm always looking for ways to know about healthier eating.

vs59ke 7:26 PM  

Cute website . I liked the dashboard. Great giveaway!!
Heather Summerford

Anonymous,  7:28 PM  

Great that they are taking the intititive to enpower consumers. Since I am pregnant I will not be checking what my weight should be :) charlenegale at yahoo dot com

A Frugal Friend 7:38 PM  

I particular like the "energy requirements" tool. It's a pretty cool resource especially for moms.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Denise Sawyer 8:36 PM  

Very cool. I like the personal "dashboard" part too! Great topic ... especially since it is so close to New Year's. Everyone will be looking for some good tips!

Thanks for the give away!
The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Chris 8:47 PM  

What an awesome website. I need to eat every 2-3 hours and I am always looking for healthy snacks.


tammy uu,  11:06 PM  

Oh wow, what a awesome site, I will be sharing it with my nieces and nephews. ;)


Your Frugal Friend, Niki 12:09 AM  

I especially liked the Supermarket Tour!


ndisilvio@ gmail . com

Cher 12:25 AM  

Lots to do and looks fun!


Sandi 1:27 AM  

That site is really fun, and has a lot of useful info. Now I can calculate my BMI. And I like that it says that snacking is not sneaking.

Sue D 11:00 AM  

Very clever site--lots of good information presented in a fun way. I need to spend more time there!

Stephanie 1:44 PM  

Love the site!

Great giveaway!

Nanci 2:18 PM  

This is a very nice site. Thanks for the giveaway.

Pitcher Family 2:47 PM  

Pretty neat site!

Chris Buckley,  3:23 PM  

That's a pretty neat website - fun & informative!


Wani 4:17 PM  

It was interesting... thanks for posting on it.

Beeb 8:36 PM  

What a great giveaway! The website it quite interesting. I liked all the different tools they had...the weight and BMI calculators weren't as disturbing as I had anticipated. LOL!

Thank you for the chance!

supercoupongirl AT gmail.com

Paige 8:50 PM  

I like the personal dashboard!

Deane @ My Frugal LifeStyle 11:21 PM  

That is an awesome site, that I had never been to before. I like that you can find a recommend weight.

Anonymous,  12:06 AM  

Great website! I love how the personal dashboard has everything you need, BMI, target heartrate! Thanks!


Mrs. Bargain Hunting Wife 8:34 AM  

What a great website! So much info, so easy to figure out and use!!!

bargainhuntingwife at gmail dot com

Brandy 11:18 AM  

It's an awesome site! It's very interactive and I think the graphics will appeal to kids as well as adults. That sounded so official! But it was sincere.

brandyu at gmail dot com

SavingSomeGreen 1:16 PM  

I loved this site. It was fun and colorful. Thanks for the giveaway!

savingsomegreen @ gmail dot com

Jinxy and Me 6:46 PM  

It's a great site with lots of good info. Thanks for the giveaway!

Allison 7:59 AM  

This website is so cool. The design is so good and effective because of the combination of informational and entertaining layouts and text. I am going to pass this on to my mom, who teaches health and could really use this in her nutrition unit! How cool to take a virtual supermarket tour and check out your pyramid!

carogonza 9:11 AM  

Great site. I love how they give you good solid information on what to snack on and not to snack on.

nape 1:33 PM  

Nifty-keeno website! I went to the "personal dashboard." I'm impressed that they're taking the time to educate us about our daily eating habits.

Fritos for me, any ol' time!

Dee 8:42 PM  

oh that is a super fun website! I was taken away from the moment the car drove up! :)

Thanks for the chance!

shopannies 11:44 PM  

love the website as a diabetic and a mother of diabetic child this site also looks useful for teaching him. Thanks for letting me enter

A happy heart at home 12:30 AM  

That's a colorful website. I liked the healthy weight calculator and the BMI calculator.



Anonymous,  8:52 AM  

Great website!! Thanks so much for the information and for the giveaway


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