Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Precious Girls Club Giveaway

When we received this wonderful package in the mail from Precious Girls Club, Isabelle thought it was the neatest thing ever. And that's saying a lot for a girl who is fiercely loyal to webkinz.

She wanted to read the book right away and I was more than happy to let her. As soon as she was finished, she put together the charm bracelet that ties in with the story. She told what the charms stood for and we had a nice conversation about the book. Now I was starting to think that this was the neatest thing ever too!

You see, Precious Girls Club is not just a book, it is virtual world filled with games, quizzes, crafts, and tools to help moms and daughters interact. Each product in the Precious Girls Club line comes with access codes to unlock special features on the free website. As a mom, I am excited about this wholesome and relationship-building alternative to webkinz. The additional products really add to the fun too.

Isabelle is at an age now (9) where she is starting to look for things that are specifically geared for girls her own age, so that just adds to the appeal. The books and site are geared for girls ages 6 - 10. Although the reading level of the book was a little too easy for Isabelle, she has really enjoyed exploring the Precious Girls Club virtual world. As the site says, Precious Girls Club really is "a place that encourages girls to be girls."

A Little Bit of Faith is the first book in a new series that celebrates the special gifts that make each girl precious "in His sight."
For the giveaway:
I have an extra copy of the first Precious Girls Club book - A Little Bit of Faith. Leave a comment letting me know what precious girl in your life you'd like to share this book with in order to enter. I will randomly select one winner on Monday, Dec. 29th.

Also, I encourage you to head over to the Precious Girls Club and check it out for yourself. It truly is a wonderful alternative for girls. If you visit and would like to try out a free premium month of Rainbow membership, enter code 8137-KTQ1-NZCG. Play on the site is always free, but a Rainbow membership will allow you access to exclusive features.


AmyG 9:30 PM  

We discoverd the PMGC a month or so ago and my 6 (almost 7) yr old loves it! She would love to read the book.

Misty 9:47 PM  

that would be my daughter.
thank you.

Anonymous,  10:41 PM  

This sounds wonderful! We have a daughter (8 yrs old),adopted at age 4 from Belarus,tomboy and full of spunk!I definately will visit their web site, it sounds like something we could use!
GOD is faithful and HE has a plan! Thanks!

Judy 2:55 AM  

If I won it would be for my Precious Jessie.

Kelley 7:13 AM  

My daughter, Melissa, would love this! She so loves all things girly!

Anonymous,  10:53 AM  

I have never heard of this before, and cannot wait to check it out. My daughter who will be 10 on January 5th would love this!!!

Keeling 9:14 PM  

My precious girl is my daughter, Ainsley, I would probably have to read the book to her, but she would love it!

Julie 3:01 AM  

This sounds great! I have never heard of it. It would be for my two daughters. They would of course share it. We would love to win! Thanks - Julie32246@gmail.com

betty R.~Simply Southern 9:11 AM  

This would be great for my neice haley,she is 10.Thank you .oh and i added you to my blog this morning here.


Stacie 12:23 PM  

The girl in my life is my daughter and that's who this would be for.


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