Monday, December 22, 2008

Perhaps The Most Common-Sense Kitchen Tip Ever

I only have one short and simple kitchen tip this week. I've learned this lesson the hard way, and for some reason, I keep re-learning it. Ready?

Do NOT make your family's favorite cookies three days before they are to be given as gifts unless you like giving people empty plates. me on this one!

For Kitchen Tips that don't make you say, "umm...duh," head on over to Tammy's Recipes.


Sonshine 9:55 PM  

LOL! that is why I am sooooo glad I have a stand alone freezer that I can put all the goodies into there so they are not gobbled up!

Anonymous,  10:56 PM  

Funny! I understand!

Anonymous,  10:56 PM  


JZ 8:50 AM  

I just did the same thing, only it was me and my youngest that ate them! I am 27 weeks prego with #4 and for some reason, it didn't even help that I put them in the freezer! I have to make another batch today or tomorrow for our guests on Christmas Eve!

Kirstin 11:11 AM  

That is hilarious and I can relate. Since we've been snowed in I knew that anything I made for Christmas would not make to to that day.

Jane 1:19 PM  

Hey, that's a good tip!
I didn't make our peanut butter balls until yesterday for this very reason.

Christina 4:15 PM  

Hehe, that's SO true!

George Erdosh 4:30 PM  

I bake things well in advance: goodies that keep well: biscotti, fruitcake, chocolate truffles. My new book (Nov/08) is filled with kitchen tips, in fact, each chapter is a series of kitchen tips with recipes here and there.

Definitely worth checking out:

Tried and True Recipes from a Caterer’s Kitchen—Secrets of Making Great Foods

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