Sunday, December 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 12/29

The kids are still excited over all their new Christmas toys, so I know this will be a week filled with lots of playing and projects. I also have lots of catching up to do with laundry and cleaning.

Our plans for New Year's are still a bit up in the air, but it looks like we will be sticking with our new tradition that started 4 years ago. Eric's dad and step-mom pay for rooms at a hotel for all of their kids and grandkids, and we all spend the night. There is a pool for swimming, lots of munchies, and we order pizza at some point during the night. People come and go between rooms, the lobby, and the pool sitting area. It's fun, but it has gotten harder for us the past year or two with the kids. The youngest cannot make it to midnight, so we all either have to turn in early, or Eric or I have to head to bed with them. For this year, it will all depend on Eric's work schedule.

Aside from those plans though, there are some exciting New Year's blogging plans. Jessica from Life As Mom is hosting Ringing In The New Year With Kids where you can find inspiration for New Year's family fun. Amy from The Finer Things In Life and myself are joining Jessica on this fun little adventure, and we hope you'll join in too. Here is the posting schedule:

  • Monday - Kid-Friendly Feasts, hosted by Jessica. She'll share some yummy food ideas for your NY Eve and Day gatherings.
  • Tuesday - Visit Amy's place for her suggestions on family entertainment.
  • Wednesday - I will share creative ideas for making decorations and crafts with the kids.
  • Thursday - Happy New Year! Enjoy your day with the fam! And make sure to take lots of pictures.
  • Friday - Post about how you said, "Farewell 2008! Hello 2009!" Jessica will have Mr. Linky up and running for you to share all the great ways you rang in the New Year -- with kids. There's a great giveaway in store for whoever participates.
And for now, here is my rather sketchy menu plan for this week. I'm definitely looking forward to life settling back down to normal (whatever that is) next week.

  • M - Waffles (from the new waffle maker I got for Christmas!) with fresh strawberry sauce
  • T - Chocolate chip muffins & smoothies
  • W - CoCo wheats (a new favorite treat for the kids) & bananas
  • Th - Cheesy scrambled eggs & toast, or free continental breakfast at the hotel
  • F - Apple pancakes
  • S - Cinnamon rolls (never got to these last week)
  • Su - French toast and sausage
  • M - Quesadillas & pears
  • T - Tuna melts & carrot and celery sticks
  • W - All depends on what time we leave the house. Maybe peanut butter sandwiches in the car?
  • Th - Again, depends on what time we leave the hotel and when we get home.
  • F - Pizza grilled cheese, oranges, yogurt
  • S - Cream cheese wontons, pineapple salad
  • Su - Leftovers
  • M - Chicken curry with coconut over brown rice
  • T - Spaghetti, sauteed zucchini, Italian breadsticks
  • W - Probably pizza at the hotel. If we end up staying home - fondue of some kind and baked brie.
  • Th - Ham & black bean soup (made with the ham bone from our Christmas ham), biscuits or cornbread
  • F - Chickpea, spinach & bacon spaghetti
  • S - Tacos w/ all the fixins', skillet corn
  • Su - Pork chops Milanese, crash hot potatoes, asparagus
Stop by Org Junkie for more Menu Plan Monday.


Christina 10:52 PM  

Have I ever told you that your menus are both creative and inspiring? ; )

You've gotten me even more aware of how I can freeze things for more efficient meal prep.

Michele @ Frugal Granola 12:09 AM  

Ooh- enjoy your new waffle maker! What a fun gift! :)

What's pizza grilled cheese? It sounds fun.

Happy New Year!

Shan 7:44 AM  

Pizza grilled cheese sounds yummy, but so does the rest of your menu!

Michelle 8:48 AM  

Looks like a good week! BTW, we're trying your creamy chicken enchilada recipe this week!

Nancy 9:04 AM  

Sounds like a well planned week. No menu at my house but a 'plan' -- you can stop by if you have time. Wishing you all a very happy 2009.

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 5:23 PM  

Your menu sounds really good this week. I love the variety that you are providing your family. I will also try and participate in this weeks festivities. I love the thought of including my children in my New Years festivities, but they will never make it past 10 o'clock.

Rona's Home Page 12:00 PM  

You have a great time at your New Year's celebrations.

Have a terrific New Year!

n*stitches 1:34 PM  

You have a wonderful menu. I got a wafflemaker last year. We actually use it more for sandwiches. We like to make ham and cheese sandwiches, butter the outside and press it in the wafflemaker - yum!

Anonymous,  11:06 PM  

Great menu! Have a Happy New Year!


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