Monday, December 01, 2008

4 Generations In The Kitchen

This past Friday, I was blessed to spend quite a few hours in the kitchen with my grandmother, mom, sister, 1 daughter, and 1 of my nieces. This was something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Last year, I made pierogies for the first time. I used my grandma's recipe as my guide, but I didn't have any experienced hands to guide me. I missed that. Although they turned out very good, I still wanted to get a full-fledged initiation into pierogi making.

I got that, along with some great memories I will always cherish, on Friday.

Eric and my dad took Alex, Gracie and my nephew to Bass Pro Shop while we worked. My brother-in-law stayed home and kept an eye on the 4 remaining kiddos at home, although Olivia wandered up and joined us and my youngest niece followed her lead after awhile.

It was great working side by side with these women who mean so much to me.

My grandma sat next to me as we rolled dough and stuffed the pierogies. She had lots of great pointers, just like I knew she would.

By the end of our too short time together in the kitchen, we bagged and froze around 6 dozen pierogies. That is such a small number in comparison to what my grandpa, grandma, and mom used to accomplish together. But now I feel officially initiated into the club and I am ready to tackle the job of carrying on this tradition.
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Amy @ Finer Things 10:47 PM  

Those are beautiful! I don't believe I've ever eaten a pierogie... wanna send me some?

Christina 1:09 AM  

Wow! looks wonderful. Is it kinda like making raviolli?

Mrs. Organic 1:24 AM  

I've never had one either, but they look delicious.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 8:07 AM  

Lucky duck! I absolutely ADORE homemade pierogies. I remember eating them at this Polish lady's stand at the annual carnival growing up. Mmmmm!


Sonshine 8:41 AM  

those look great! Isn't it fun learning from the "older" generation?!

I have memories of working in the kitchen with my mom, my aunt, and grandma! Those are some treasured memories of baking over 70 pies for a school fundraiser fair. :)

Judy 9:27 AM  

What great memories....priceless.

Anonymous,  12:16 PM  

They look delicious!

Lee Anne 2:05 PM  

OMG I haven't had a pierogie since I was a kid! I would love to try my hand at making these. My grandmother and mom used to make them when I was little. Ahh...this brought back some memories. sadly my grandmother passed when I was in my early 20s so I never learned to make them from her. My mom lives hundreds of miles away and doesn't travel. Sigh. I am determined some day to make pierogie and nutrolls...did you guys ever make those too? Yum! Thanks for sharing and bringing back such fond memories.

Christine 5:39 PM  

AWWW! what a sweet story! That sounds like an amazing memory you'll all have to share :D

Gayle 7:49 PM  

I have no idea what those even are, but I am very impressed! :) What great memories in the making.

Anonymous,  8:17 PM  

Those look yummy!

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