Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mad About MobiStories And A Giveaway

All of my children, from the oldest to the youngest, love to do things on the computer. For my youngest, that usually means just sitting in my desk chair and pounding on the keyboard, which she will happily sit and do for a decent amount of time. So when I find something online that all 4 children, from 9 to 20 months, can sit and enjoy together, I get pretty excited.

My newest discovery is MobiStories. MobiStories is a website where you can purchase and download virtual books for kids. Many of the narrations include children and music, so all of my kiddos enjoyed listening, even though the story wasn't always at their level. But that's only because MobiStories provides different selections for different age groups, so you're sure to find something your children will enjoy.

Although the selection isn't huge as of yet, and although there is no good replacement for sitting on the couch and reading a good book to your kids, MobiStories is a great alternative for those other times in between.

Let's say, for example, that mom is super-busy cleaning the house and getting Thanksgiving dinner prepared before company comes over. She wants to set the kids up with something, anything, to occupy them for a while so she can get a few things done. That is where MobiStories would be the perfect answer!

Since this scenario will be playing out in many of our homes next week, I thought that now would be the perfect opportunity for a little MobiStories giveaway. I have been given a coupon code valid for $10 worth of virtual book downloads at the MobiStories site to giveaway.

If you'd like to check out MobiStories for yourself and your kids, just leave a comment for your chance to win. I'll randomly select one winner on Monday, November 24, at 10:00pm est.


Anonymous,  10:33 AM  

This sounds like a neat idea! Our son enjoys pounding on the keyboard and watching things on the screen. :-)

Pennie 1:26 PM  

Both of my girls love to play on the computer, but my 5 year old tends to get the most play time since she is older and knows how to operate it a little better than the younger one. This looks like a wonderful site!

Proverbs30one 10:51 AM  

These sound great! My girls would really enjoy them.

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