Wednesday, November 19, 2008

13 Things On My Thanksgiving Countdown To-Do List

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is already a week away. Where has this past month gone?

We will be going to my parents' house for Thanksgiving and staying until Sunday. So, I have lots to do between now and when we leave next Thursday morning. I would love to say that I have a full weeks worth of meals in the freezer, but I don't. I do have four days worth at least, which should help a bit.

  1. Write lists - clothes to pack, cookies to make, miscellaneous stuff to pack, etc. This is just the first list of many that I'll be writing throughout the next week. I heart lists!
  2. Finish making cookies - both dough for the freezer for December & some to take for my sister and baking cookies to take for family gifts. We won't see my family again for Christmas, so we have to do all of that kind of stuff now.
  3. Make apple sour cream pie to take.
  4. Get coolers and cookie tins out of the attic.
  5. Wash, iron and pack kids clothes.
  6. Wash, iron and pack adult clothes.
  7. Finish buying Christmas presents for my family. (Only 2 to go!)
  8. Wrap Christmas presents.
  9. Clean out the van.
  10. Make and paint salt-dough ornaments with the kids.
  11. Finish Thanksgiving crafts with the kids.
  12. Try to get some blog posts in drafts for while we are gone.
  13. Get all of the miscellaneous stuff packed which always seems to take days and is never completely done until the second we walk out the door. Does anyone else do this? Please tell me I'm not alone! For us on Thursday morning it will be animals and pillows from the kids beds.
Well that felt good! I've wanted to get this list down on paper for a while. It really doesn't seem so bad once it is written down. Unfortunately, I'll probably add about a dozen more things to this list over the next few days.

See, I already thought of one I forgot...clean the house before we leave! I am fanatical about making sure the house is completely spotless before we go out of town. First of all, what if something happened to us while we were driving? I would hate for people to come in our house and think we were slobs! Seriously, I do worry about this. And secondly, there is nothing worse than getting home to a messy house after an exhausting day spent driving.

You can find more Thursday 13 here.


Nicholas 9:00 PM  

Lots to do!

Christina 10:17 PM  

I always like to have a clean house before going on a trip too!

Sounds like you have a full week ahead of you. I do hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

Noelle 10:21 PM  

Hi, cool list! I love making lists too! Lots to do, hope everything goes well! My TT is here:

Alice Audrey 10:40 PM  

I just started making my lists. Cleaning the van isn't going to be on it, though maybe it should.

SJ Reidhead 10:49 PM  

I am so glad I'm getting to avoid Thanksgiving this year!

The Pink Flamingo

bernieg1 10:50 PM  

There is always a lot to do during the holidays - any of them!

My TT is up at 13 Christmas Gifts for our Muslim Friends

Lori 11:23 PM  

I got tired just reading your list. Good luck. Happy TT.

FickleMinded 11:45 PM  

sounds like a busy week for you! enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

Judy 4:46 AM  

Ok, I have to do you make the ornaments? I was just thinking about them the other day and then you go and post about it. Coincidence. Is there a website you could direct me to?
Thanks : )

Kristi 9:16 AM  

Thanksgiving is sounding like a lot of work for you.

Jaime 10:28 AM  

Making lists is how I get through life. I love lists. Even my lists have lists... Happy TT!

MammaMia 4:53 PM  

I too am always throwing things in at the last minuteno matter how good a list I made! A clean house is usually the last thing on my list! I had never thought of it that way. My thinking is if a theif breaks in they'll leave thinking someone already beat them to it! :)

~Just Me Miranda~ 6:14 PM  

Sounds like busy times ahead!

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