Monday, October 13, 2008

Stretching Pie Crust

For most of my cooking years, I have been hesitant to make homemade pie crust. I figured I would never be able to roll it out perfectly and that it would be a long and messy process. A few months ago, I finally made my first attempt. I was surprised how easy it was, but was disappointed in the taste.

Last week, with a bushel of apples that were just being begged to be turned into a pie, I decided to try again. I worked a little closer to home for my recipe (Happy To Be At Home, to be exact). I also followed Toni's advice and put my flour and butter in the freezer for a few hours before making the crust.

I was quickly surrounded by three eager helpers when I began to assemble everything. I wanted a way to get everyone involved, so I decided we would use cookie cutters to out the crust for the tops of both the apple pie and the chicken pot pie I was making for dinner.

Alex helped with the rolling.
Isabelle was responsible for cutting out the leaf shapes and placing them on top of both pies.Olivia put all of the cut apples into the bowl and stirred together the pie filling.

I doubled the original recipe, which was more than enough for both pies. As you can see in Isabelle's picture, we made the chicken pot pie in a 13x9 pan. I initially wasn't sure if I'd have enough crust to do this, but I figured I could just make more if absolutely necessary.

However, by using the cut-outs to top the pies, we had plenty of dough for both, as well as extra to put in the freezer. We all loved the way the pies looked also. They were so festive and seasonally appropriate.
The taste was not affected at all with this method. We all agreed we weren't lacking in any pie crust goodness. I think this will be my go-to pie crust method from now on. It's easy, tastes great, and really stretches the amount of pie crust used.

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Jennifer 12:53 AM  

That is such a great idea! You are such a great mommy to get all of your kids involved like that. I struggle to figure out how to involve my two year old. Right now I have decided to just keep her happy while I am doing my work.

mub 2:38 AM  

The cutouts are so cute! Your helpers are darling too =)

Mary Ann 5:04 AM  

I've done this some lately, too and it really does stretch the dough! I find that it's easier to put cut-outs all over the top than try to stretch a piece of dough over.:-)

Love seeing your children in the kitchen with you!

Edi 7:43 AM  

Your apple pie looked yummy! I've tried various methods to stretch my pie dough as well. I do cheat though and use store bought dough...sometimes I will roll it out a bit more making it thinner and getting a bit more length out of my dough especially if I use a non-circle pan. I've also used cut out shapes on the top for another reason...a bit less fat and calories in the recipe. Not much - but it helps :)

The Happy Housewife 8:16 AM  

I love the shapes Kate! Great job!

Shani 9:57 AM  

I read your title with much trepidation, for while I am an accomplished cook in the kitchen, pie crusts are the final frontier for me. I can't say exactly what intimidates me about them, but I have only ever attempted to make them once. In fact, when I am making a recipe that calls for you to cut in butter to a pie crust consistency, I wrinkle my nose and snort in disgust, ROFL!!

You have inspired me, however, and I expect I'll be trying my hand at a pie crust before the week's out. Now I'd better go visit Toni for some (necessary) helpful hints.

Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely week~

Sherry 10:55 AM  

Yummy chicken pot pie! Love the cutouts, too! I need to get cracking on some fall pies. :D

Stacy 2:11 PM  

What a brilliant idea! Kids will LOVE this one!

Toni 3:51 PM  

Those looked great!!! I have never tried to make pie crust. I always just buy it. Who knows maybe I will give it a shot!!!

Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men 6:53 PM  

I just LOVED reading this post ! I just got done making 3 pumpkin pies and apple pies this week end for the Canadian Thanksgiving. I really like your leaf cookie cutter. I need to look for one. I am glad you all had such yummy food.

Blessings in Him<><

Blessed Mommy 5:59 AM  

homemade pie crusts are the best. Little helpers in the kitchen a blessing. Love when my children are in the kitchen too.

tammy 10:34 AM  

A dear friend of mine who is an excellent baker and involved her kids in the kitchen when they were still tots, shared a little secret about pie crust. She made the dough in the food processor(or you could use a kitchen aid...whatever you have) but for chicken pot pie, she suggested to just grab a little dough and flatten it out with your fingers and place it on top of the chicken pot pie. Then, grab another and plop it on. They can overlap or just lay next to each other and it's similar to what you did with the leaves, but no rolling it out. The kids can definitely all help with that. It was a real eye opener to me, too. I was hesitant to make homemade pie crust until she shared that.(didn't want the trouble and mess) I must say, it was the best tasting chicken pot pie I ever had and the crust was a big part of that enjoyment!!

I love how you involved your kids and that leaf covered dish is simply adorable!! thanks for sharing!!!

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