Monday, October 13, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook - 10/12

FOR TODAY October 13, 2008...
Outside My Window...
The sun is shining and it is going to be a beautiful day.
I am thinking...
It is a good thing I haven't gotten all of the summer clothes put away yet.
From the learning rooms...
Isabelle is now in week 5 of 4th grade and she has a few tests to take this week. I am so impressed with how much Latin she has already learned this year. Alex and Olivia will be making some fall crafts as part of their schooling this week.
I am thankful for...
The wonderful weekend our family just had. It is so nice to be able to revel in such simple pleasures. We went to a rummage sale on Saturday and I was able to get a bag of clothes for myself (4 outfits in all) for just $2!
From the kitchen...
There are sausage, egg & cheese biscuits in the oven for breakfast. I am also going to make some apple muffins and apple leather today. Dinner will be Polish sausage & cabbage soup. I'll use some of the cabbage to make vegetarian stuffed cabbage to put in the freezer.
I am wearing...
My "new" denim skirt and a pale pink t-shirt.
I am creating...
Some leaf outlines for Alex and Olivia to cut out today.
I am going...
We are not going anywhere today! It was a busy weekend so it will feel good to stay home and get caught up.
I am reading...
Back When We Were Grown-Ups by Anne Tyler and The English Major by Jim Harrison.
I am hoping...
To finish off the last of our apples. I'm also hoping we get to play outside for a few hours today.
I am hearing...
All 4 kids are working to unload the dishwasher together.
Around the house...
Catch-up day: laundry, vacuuming, cooking.
One of my favorite things...
The smells of a fall kitchen...apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, soups.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Library books need to be taken back on Tuesday. I need to de-clutter my computer desk. I need to organize the kids clothes and find the bag of hand-me-down shoes from our attic.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
At the cider mill - drinking cider slushies and eating fresh, hot cider donuts.

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Jen 10:34 AM  

I enjoyed your day book. We went to the apple orchard today. I love autumn.

Love Bears All Things 10:52 AM  

I like all of the Fall smells from your kitchen and the trip to the orchard sounds like fun.
Mama Bear

Anonymous,  11:32 AM  

Hot cider donuts!?! Oh, those sound good!

Sherry 12:18 PM  

It never fails that when you think it is going to stay a certain type of weather and put up clothes from the previous season. There is a day that you have to pull something out. LOL! :D

Great deal on the clothes!

Your meals for today are making me hungry!

Those donuts sound delish! Do you have a recipe?! :D

Jerralea 1:03 PM  

I never heard of apple cider donuts but they sound wonderful! Enjoy your day at home. [I love it when I can stay home.]

Sonshine 3:12 PM  

I put most of our summer clothes away already! Thankfully I had kept out a couple pairs of shorts and several short sleeves for this past weekend! :)

Good job at the garage sale! :)

Cute pic! :)

Gayle 3:30 PM  

Cute photo! I've never tried cider slushie...might have to!
The White House

Brandy 3:48 PM  

I had a cider slushie last weekend...sooo good.

Wonder if I could make them at home???

Earthmommy 4:52 PM  

Really enjoyed your daybook, I lvoed what you said about the smells of a fall kitchen,...yummy.

Chez Nous 8:55 PM  

Fresh, hot cider donuts???? Oh, I can smell and taste them from here!

Have a great week.

A happy heart at home 9:56 PM  

Great bargains! We went to a huge annual rummage sale last week. We found some good deals there.

I love the smells of a fall kitchen, too.


Cassidy,  6:55 PM  

the donuts have my mouth watering!!!! YUMMY!
Awesome picture you shared!

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