Thursday, October 30, 2008

Repurposing Purses

The other day I wrote about making the switch from a diaper bag back to a purse. During the years that we were in the diaper bag only stage, I had quite a few purses that were sitting around unused. Well, at least they were unused...until I needed a container to organize some of Isabelle's craft supplies.

You know what I realized? Purses make great "containers" for all kinds of things, and they look nice too. As an added bonus, most purses can be hung on hooks to utilize underused wall space.

So what are some good things to store in your old or unused purses? Here's just a few suggestions:

  • Purses with lots of different compartments are perfect for kids craft kits. Sequins in one spot, glue sticks in another, crayon and markers in a larger section. You get the idea.
  • Make-up or nail-polish. Turn a purse into a portable manicure/pedicure kit.
  • Kids' socks
  • Little "Happy Meal" type toys
  • Pick a pretty but non-functional purse to hold pens, pencils, paper clips, little notebooks, etc. on your desk.
  • On-the-go snack kit. Fill with extra utensils and napkins that you might get from carry-out or fast food restaurants. Toss in a few snacks before heading out the door.
  • Baby doll clothes. This is an especially good idea with little girls that want to be just like mommy.
Do you have any other ideas on ways to use purses for storage and organization? I'm always looking for other ways to implement this idea around our house.

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Lynne Campbell 2:36 AM  

I am a bag and purse hog....I have so many and I love your idea.


Sherry 7:10 AM  

Cute ideas! :D I love the cosmetic bag and craft bag idea. :D

Amy @ Finer Things 11:51 PM  

I was just getting ready to ditch some of my daughter's purses. Maybe I can rethink that and have her stash some smaller things in them... as long as they don't continually get dumped out all over!

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