Monday, October 27, 2008

No More Diaper Bags, Just A Messy Purse

As soon as Alex was born, I hung up my purse in favor of sticking my wallet in the diaper bag. For a long time (roughly 3 1/2 years), I was proud of how smart I was for not lugging around both a diaper bag and a purse.

Then Alex and Olivia were potty-trained and out of diapers. Then Gracie turned 1. I started to realize that I was tired of carrying around a big diaper bag when I only had one baby still in diapers. She didn't really require a diaper bag for a few wipes, a diaper, and a sippy cup.

So this past Mother's Day, Eric and the kids bought me this wonderful Keen purse. It's big and sturdy enough to do double-duty as a quasi-diaper bag, but yet small enough to qualify as just a purse.The only problem is that this purse gets used - a lot, just like a diaper bag. And it doesn't get cleaned out nearly enough. This weekend, after spending 5 minutes trying to find a ponytail holder for Olivia, I decided it was time to tackle the purse clean-out.
Here's the before picture. Trust me, this does not do justice to the actual mess that was in there.
And the best way to clean something? Dump it all in one central location and start from scratch.
This is the garbage pile. Isn't is sad how much garbage we moms carry around?
A few random items from my purse. See that hospital bracelet? That was Olivia's from when she was born. She turned 3 in June! I have no idea how or why that was in there.
And the finished product. I will actually be able to find things. At least until we go some where and my purse turns into a portable garbage can once again.

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Jennifer 1:40 AM  

How funny! That is how my purse always looks too!

earthlingorgeous 5:04 AM  

Hahahaha! That was weird to find the hospital tag 3 years ago in the purse you just had later. Great tackle! Reminds me of my messy purse too!

My tackle is up here. Happy Tuesday!

Sherry 7:53 AM  

Great tackle! Your purse looks great! :D

Have a great Tuesday!

heidi 8:53 AM  

Isn't it amazing how much garbage ends up in out bags? "Here mom!" and we get the wadded up used tissue. "Mom can you hold this, I can't find a trash can!" and we get the chewed up gum.

Treasure troves. That's what purses and diaper bags are.


Gwendolyn 8:58 AM  

How timely! I was just thinking that my purse weighs a ton and looks like a garbage is time to clean that thing out! I hope mine ends up looking as neat as yours. :o)

Susie 9:30 AM  

Great tackle!

Mandy 10:14 AM  

Great tackle. Love the hospital braclet! :-)

DeuceMom 11:47 AM  

Great tackle! I love the hospital braclet - I put things I find lying around in my purse so that I don't lose them. Isn't that a joke!

Miss Mommy 2:16 PM  

I'm glad to know that I am not the only one with a purse that looks like that sometimes!! Jjst the other day my sister-in-law asked me when I was going to get a nice, new, expensive purse...I replied when smashed Goldfish are not in the purses contents...LOL

Shan 3:06 PM  

My purse is always a mess! Good job!

Blessed Mommy 10:14 PM  

I'm still in the diaper bag is my purse stage. Great tackle. Many blessings.

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