Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Morning Routine

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how a made bed works for me. But since then, I have noticed that it's not just making the bed that is important. I have fallen into a pretty good morning routine that has really been working for me and making my days fall into place much more easily.

I am an anti-schedule girl by nature, fighting the tight boundaries I ridiculously feel when operating under a tight schedule. However, I've realized how well my kids do on a schedule so I've been making more of an attempt at following one myself for their sake. And, I'm in a season of my life where mornings are fairly predictable, so this hasn't been too hard.

Now, there is nothing fancy about my morning routine and it doesn't adhere to a strict timetable. (Strict timetables in the morning are unheard of around here due to Eric's work schedule.) Yet even for not being fancy, I have managed to work in enough things during the first hour of my day to make the rest of my run smoothly.

As I've said before, making my bed is the very first thing I do every morning. Then, I check email and get dressed before I walk out of my bedroom. Personally, I've found that staying in my pajamas even for a few minutes outside of the day makes me feel more sluggish and lazy. If I want to get the day going, I have to be dressed!

After that, I get the kids going on their morning chores and help where needed. That means they make their beds, brush their teeth and get dressed. After I get Gracie dressed, and while the other 3 finish up, I start making breakfast. This is super easy if we have breakfast foods in the freezer, or if I have done some prep work the night before.

Isabelle usually finishes her breakfast first and she unloads the dishwasher while I finish feeding Gracie breakfast and get started on making dinner. Once Alex and Olivia are done, they also help out in the kitchen. Alex likes to help with the dishwasher and Olivia likes to help feed Gracie.

By this point, it's usually around 9:30 so Isabelle gets started on her schoolwork while I finish dinner and the other kids have some free time. Even if I've only been up for an hour at this point, which is the norm, I already feel like I have accomplished a lot. That really puts a positive spin on my outlook for the rest of the day.

And of course, no morning routine would work for me if it didn't include my two best friends: Stop by Shannon's blog to find out what's working for everyone else this week.


Kirby3131 12:04 AM  

I've been a fan of Flylady for years and years - so my morning routine was set up a long time ago -- get dressed all the way to shoes and make my bed. If I don't put on my clothes or my shoes I'm toast.

My husband and I work from home so it is incredibly easy to just veg out some days - a routine keeps us both moving and accomplishing a lot more.

Great post!

kellie 1:38 AM  

Thanks for posting your routine. I have a six month old and am still working on my mornings... how to get me up and going, get her fed and happy, and then get our house going...all at once. I think I just need to get to bed earlier and get up earlier, but I'm a bit too stubborn.

Just found your blog... hello!

- Kellie

Homesteader in Training 6:12 AM  

There is nothing like a good morning routine my friend. And I am SO with you on the end part. Gotta have the guava lol.

Sherry 7:52 AM  

LOL! Hey, we have the same best friends!

I have got to get back on my FlyLady morning schedule as like you said I feel sluggish when you are sitting around in pjs.

Have a great WFMW! :D

Blessed Mommy 9:49 AM  

Soooo true. My day goes so much better if I get up early, at least one hour before everyone else. This gives me my time and prep time. Of course, my day goes even better if I get up at 4am and run. Oh coffee, my life line! I have been reading your menu planning, thanks for all the info, very helpful. Will be trying to monthly plan here too, but first I think I need to tackle a weekly plan. Again love your blog, look forward to reading it each day.

Sandi 2:44 PM  

I'm just like you in that I buck against any schedule that I place for myself but know that my kids crave the structure...sometimes I'm on top of my game with a morning routine and sometimes not.

Sonshine 8:21 PM  

Not a coffee/caffine drinker but I gotta have my shower soon after I get up to clear the cobwebs. :) The sooner in the day I get my shower the more I get accomplished during the day. :)

Thanks for sharing your routine! :) Also, thanks for stopping by...somedays I wonder if you are my long lost twin! :D

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