Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Made Bed

I'm always tempted to stumble out of bed and head straight for the coffee pot every morning. But I've trained myself to not leave my bedroom without making our bed first. (Well, unless Eric is still sleeping. I don't think he'd appreciate it too much if I made the bed with him in it.) This has become a key element in my day.

I like feeling productive first thing in the morning. Making our bed is such a simple thing that takes only seconds, but it really does make a difference. For the rest of the day I can walk by our room and enjoy the way it looks. I can be glad that at least one thing has gotten crossed off my to-do list.

The kids all make their beds every morning too. It has become a habit for everyone. Alex and Olivia are getting pretty good at doing it by themselves too. Most days they are told to just do the best that they can do. If I don't feel they did their best, I'll help them remake it. Otherwise, I'll leave it the way they did it. I view this routine as more about getting in the habit then about doing it exactly the way I do it. Once the habit is set in place, we can work on perfecting the technique.

When the beds are all made, I don't care as much about how messy the house gets throughout the day. At least I know that the bedrooms are mostly clean. I guess made beds are my oasis of order amid the chaos.

And at the end of the day, there is no better feeling than pulling back the covers to tuck in my little ones, or pulling back my own covers and crawling in to a warm and cozy bed. It's just another sign at the end of a busy day that something really did get accomplished. And that really works for me.

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Anonymous,  11:39 PM  

We so badly need to get back into that habit around here. Thanks for the encouragement! And look at you go, playing around with the blog look. ;-)

Betty 11:58 PM  

I love this idea! Thank you!

Blue Castle 12:17 AM  

Make a bed? How do you do that?

I'm going to start this tomorrow. You're right, it's time I make my bed. :)

Cinde 12:52 AM  

I've been doing that myself lately and it's great when I come back upstairs to shower and see the bed already made. I once heard that, because a bed can take up to 80% of the space in a room, if it is made then the room is 80% clean! Works for me!

Crayl 1:49 AM  

I have restarted making the bed again, just about 2 weeks ago. You are totally right, it is wonderful at the end of the day. And even if things in the room are chaotic looking, the bed just takes the whole space up a notch.

Anonymous,  11:56 AM  

Great idea and so satisfying.

Just one caveat - it is a know fact that dust mites love a warm, dark, cozy environment. So..I throw back the covers, turn over the pillows and let the bed air out for an hour. Then I make the bed.

Difficult for kids, but if they make the bed just before going off to school, it'll still get aired out, if even for 20 min.


PS it only takes me about 2 minutes to make the king bed and that's because I have to walk around it twice - sheet & blanket, then comforter & pillows.

Jerralea 12:41 PM  

I'm a big believer in making your bed. It just makes me feel better about my home! My husband is disabled so he is always in bed when I leave in the mornings. I would come home and make the bed before I did anything [like make his dinner!] After awhile, he began to make the bed for me when he got up. Maybe he wants me to start on dinner faster! Anyway, it really helps me out and I tell him so.

Laura 12:56 PM  

I usually can't make my bed when I get up, because like your hubby, mine wouldn't appreciate it very much! But, I do try (TRY) to go back and do it later! My oldest just sleeps on TOP of his covers with just a little blanket so that he doesn't have to make his bed! That won't work so well this winter!!

Ooh, and I like your new header!

Rebeckah 10:11 AM  

I really need to do this! The last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is making the bed before I crawl in : )

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