Sunday, October 26, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 10/27

This week we'll be using up the last of our monthly freezer meals. That means I'll get 4 nights off (well, almost off) from dinner duty. That is always exciting to me. We'll also be using up the last of the groceries from our monthly trip.

Towards the end of the week I'll start filling out our master menu plan and grocery list. We have the big grocery trip tentatively scheduled for next Monday. I'd really like to add some of the many wonderful seasonal recipes I've been coming across to our list for next month too.


  • M - Tuna pasta salad, peaches & blueberries
  • T - Falafel in homemade pitas, apple slices
  • W - Quesadillas, yogurt, grapes
  • Th - Egg salad/tuna salad in pitas, pears
  • F - Leftovers
  • S - Polish sausage & cabbage soup (from freezer)
  • Su - Pancakes wrapped around maple sausage links, oven fried potatoes, applesauce
  • M - Meatloaf cups (from freezer), mashed potato patties (using leftover mashed potatoes), creamed spinach
  • T - Chickpea curry (from freezer) over brown rice, broccoli
  • W - German potato salad with Polish sausage, batter rolls
  • Th - Shepherd's Pie (from freezer), leftover rolls
  • F - Chili, cornbread
  • S - Chicken picatta (from freezer), garlic spaghetti, Italian breadsticks
  • Su - Cheesy potato & ham soup
You can find lots more Menu Plan Monday over at I'm An Organizing Junkie.


Sonshine 10:10 PM  

sounds like a yummy week!

Enjoy your week! :)

$5 Dinner Mom 10:21 PM  

I like the pancakes wrapped around sausage concept! Getting a strong hunger pang as I type! I'm working on November's plan too! Have a great week!

Nancy 10:29 PM  

I think the best part of your week is the fact that you'll get 4 nights off cooking duty! Have a good one.

Lora 10:30 PM  

Hey! You were #1 on Mr. Linky tonight!:) Way to be on the ball!

Your menus looks really good. I'm looking forward to your next big grocery list and menu plan, too!

Christina 10:32 PM  

Mmmm...sounds good and motivates me to get on top of menu-ing again.

Connie 10:58 PM  

We made donuts a few weeks back...super easy, we made them with a roll of biscuit dough!

Have a great week!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 10:58 PM  

Ooooh, lookin forward to hearing more about those seasonal dishes!


Bonnie 3:01 AM  

I love that you post breakfast, lunch and dinner !! Looks good ! I made a polish sausage and cabbage dinner last week ! Your soup looks yummy !!

Gayle 4:29 AM  

Do you really only shop once a month? Or is that the one BIG shop and then you go for milk and stuff throughout the month. I keep reading about all these people that do the menu thing, and I just don't even know where to start! My husband and his oldest will eat anything, the two babies picky and me and my other three are horribly picky. I just can't imagine making it work, but it would be fun to try. I bet it would save me a lot of money. I bet we spend $1000 a month at the store and then also eat out. I wouldn't mind trimming that a bit...It sure would help if I didn't hate cooking!

Sara 7:42 AM  

Thanks for sharing your cheesy ham and potato soup recipe - we made it last week and loved it! It's quite similar to a casserole we often make. Thanks.

Michelle M. 9:14 AM  

That chickpea curry sounds really good. I love anything curry :) Have a great week.

Sherry 9:51 AM  

Great looking menu! We are still snacking on those cream cheese apple muffins of yours from the freezer. YUM!

Have a great week!! :D

Rona's Home Page 9:53 AM  

Wow! I'm very impressed for those of you who planned your days' menus as well.
Kudos to you.
Have a terrific week!

Anonymous,  10:56 PM  

One of these days I'll make double meals to have something in the freezer to just pull out and serve.

Good going and enjoy your shopping trip next week. What day do you do all your cooking on?


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