Friday, October 10, 2008

A Little Thing I learned This Week

As I said, this thing I learned is just little - no mind blowing revelations from me this week. Sorry! So anyhow, what I learned is that doing the monthly grocery shopping on Friday and going apple picking on Saturday is not a smart idea.

Why is this not a smart idea? Because the week after the grocery trip is filled with my freezer cooking for the month. So I had lots of kitchen plans already. But then there was this bushel full of beautiful apples sitting on my counter just waiting to be eaten and turned into all kinds of goodies. Between those two commitments, I'm a little sick of my kitchen right now. And I still have almost half a bushel of apples left, and a few more freezer meals to make.

Eric and I made the decision on Sunday that Alex and Olivia would have a relaxed week of schooling. Even though we aren't doing anything official with them yet, they really love their school time. However, this week they did all of their learning in the kitchen. We worked assembly-line style for quite a few tasks. We also practiced counting, shapes, colors, and the alphabet while we worked. We all had fun, but I know they will be glad to get back to sit-down school come Monday.

Isabelle still had her full school work load this week, but she joined in the fun when she was done for the day. She is getting to be a really proficient apple peeler. And Gracie...well, she learned that apple peels from the garbage can taste pretty good but coffee grounds do not. She learned that a dumping a cup of water on the kitchen floor over and over again is a lot of fun. And fortunately, she still naps for about an hour and a half each day.

I honestly did not plan out this week as well as I should have. Everyday I was torn between what to work on first - the freezer meals or apple stuff. If we are ever in this situation again (which, as long as I can help it we won't be), I will definitely need to plan out everything.

My goal is to finish up this weekend. I'm not sure it will happen though. We do have plans outside of the house that will keep us pretty busy. Still on my agenda for the freezer are: pancakes, muffins, pizza pockets, Polish sausage and cabbage soup, and vegetarian stuffed cabbage. For the apples, I'd like to make another pie (I'm thinking this one), some turnovers and snack cakes, this apple crisp, and lots more of this fruit leather. (Trust me, you have got to make the fruit leather! It is SO good. I made 3 trays worth on Sunday night and it was all gone by Wednesday.)

Just remember, if you ever are presented with the option of going apple picking the same weekend before a marathon freezer-cooking week - Just Say No!


Michele @ Frugal Granola 9:34 PM  

Oh, Kate,
I wish I was there to help! :) I've gradually worked my way through a bunch of apples, too. I finally put the rest of them into the refrigerator. (Thankfully, they keep well!) :)

For what it's worth, I rarely peel my apples for anything.

So, maybe you can have chats about Johnny Appleseed or something for school, while you're chopping apples? :) Have fun! I remember making a pie, and talking about Johnny Appleseed when I was in preschool.


Sonshine 9:51 PM  

I know how hard it is to say no! :) Wish I could come help you too! :)

Sounds like your kids have had fun helping and learning this week. :)

Enjoy your weekend. :)

Anonymous,  12:03 AM  

Am I interpreting this wrong or are you seriously like cooking a months worth of meal? Cuz if you are let me say...I am in complete and total "AWWWW" of you. Even if you aren' way to you go for taking on all of this and keeping up with it. If I wore hat I'd take it off for you LOL. toodles! oh and glad someone else can understand my being a meme junkie :-)

Earthmommy 3:34 AM  

Oh yummy! Apples! I love apples! We're heading out apple picking pretty soon and I imagine I'll be sick of my kitchen after that too. Thanks for stopping by Shroe's End.

Monica @ Paper Bridges 8:47 AM  

do you have a cool spot to store the apples so you don't have to do anything to them? garage or basement, perhaps?

that fruit leather sounds good. maybe I'll try that...


Jennifer 11:18 AM  

I got 2 crock pots of apples going for sauce this morning and will can this afternoon. That will be my last batch. I will put more apples up for cobbler and put up 6 or so bags of apples for muffins too. Then we will eat the rest. I have over 1/4 bushel left at this point.

My kids love to stand next to me and eat the peels as I peel the apples.

Brandy 3:27 PM  

I made applesauce and applebutter this weekend using my crockpot. Now I've added that apple pie and fruit leather to my list of recipes to try.

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