Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Busy Time Activities for Preschoolers & Toddlers?

I have been working on compiling a large list full of options to keep my 3 and 4 year olds (and even my 1 1/12 year old) busy at various times throughout the day. I have run across some really fantastic ideas lately. But, I believe there can never be too many options. So my question for you is: what works for you to entertain, educate, and occupy your toddlers and preschoolers? I would love to hear your ideas. If you've already posted on this on your blog, please leave me a link so I can come visit and glean from your ideas. Thanks in advance!

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Memarie Lane 11:27 PM  

If you look at my homeschooling blog, www.makingmemaries.blogspot.com, I have a list of links in the sidebar my 3 and 5 year old enjoy. I also highly recommend large foam beads and lacing cards.

MommaofMany 1:34 AM  

I just blogged about what I do! I have seven in school and three three year olds; one my own and two more I babysit. Come on over and see what mine do!


The Happy Housewife 6:49 AM  

I have a whole series on preschooler activities, have you read it? You can search for it on my blog by typing "Got Preschoolers" in the search box.
Hope it helps!

amy 7:03 AM  

We're WAY into puzzles around here. My three year old is loving the 24 and 48 piece variety. He'll put together and take apart the same six puzzles on a daily basis.

Amy's Homeschooling for Free 7:48 AM  

I just posted an idea yesterday that I found on another blog. It's a homemade playmat on which you draw a city for toy cars. You can see my post with a photo here.

Melissa,  7:50 AM  

On rainy days, or in the winter, my mom would pull out the "indoor sand box". This was basically rice in a plastic container. The container was like one you would soak your feet in. In it, there would be cars, slotted spoons, funnels, cups with holes at the bottom, measuring cups, etc. She would put a vinyl tablecloth underneath. It was fun, COULD be educational if you did things with the cup measures, and was pretty easy to clean up.

Judy 8:10 AM  

I have a 20 month old. I rotate times my 3 elementary age child play with her. My high schooler likes to help out but he has a pretty full load that keeps him very busy. This year I also plan on having my toddler spend some time at the table with us.

Nikki 8:20 AM  

Last spring I was a (3 year old)preschool teacher. We collected all different shapes and sizes of bottles (diet coke, water, detergent, shampoo, etc.). We cleaned them and removed the lids/caps. Children in our class LOVED trying to match the lids with the bottles. They were stregthening their fine motor skills while having fun. And, best of all, it was free!

Alli 8:42 AM  

I blogged some fun things a few months ago.


Not necessarily educational, but fun!

Julie 11:28 AM  

I also have a busy preschooler. Check out the labels "preschool" and "montessori" on my blog. I'm not hard-core Montessori, but the philosophy has totally changed the way I interact with my 4 y.o son.

Wife and Mommy 2:02 PM  

Here's an idea I blogged about recently! http://www.wifeandmommy.com/2008/08/indoor-game-for-kids.html

Kris 12:12 AM  

I just made my kids and my 4-yr old niece a rice center. They LOVE it!

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