Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WFMW: Bacon Waffles

I have always LOVED going out for breakfast. When I was growing up, my family lived in a town with plenty of restaurants that served amazing breakfasts. My favorite item on the menu at many of these places was the BACON WAFFLE - a crisp Belgium waffle loaded with pieces of fried bacon in the batter, and then topped off with some more bacon just for good measure. Just writing this is making me want one in the worst way. These waffles are unbelievably delicious.

Unfortunately, now I do not live in a town with as many breakfast restaurants, and none of them serve bacon waffles, believe me, I've checked. I've also checked every restaurant within a 20 mile radius that serves breakfast and none of them serve it either. The closest I've found is when we went to a buffet-style breakfast that had a waffle bar. As a surprise for me, Eric asked the chef manning the waffle iron if he could add some crumbled bacon pieces into a waffle for me. He hesitantly agreed and was honestly quite baffled by the request.

If you want to try some at home, all you have to do is dice some bacon (as much as you can stomach), fry it, and add it to your regular waffle batter. Add some extra pieces on top and cover with maple syrup and enjoy. SO GOOD (and so NOT good for you, but that's another story)!

I'm telling you, the world needs to be educated about bacon waffles. They definitely work for me. Anyone else in love with these? I'd love to hear your bacon waffle stories.

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Mandi 11:36 PM  

It's really not nice to make my mouth water like that this late at night! Mmmm...definitely adding this to this weekend's breakfast menu!


Living For Today! 12:01 AM  

I absolutely love bacon on everything!!! This sounds so yummy!!!

The Happy Housewife 8:00 AM  

Kate, not sure about that one, but my kids were watching this video on you tube the other night and you might find it appealing!

Nancy 9:14 AM  

That sounds good to me. I may have to try it next time we do waffles.

ames 9:23 AM  

I've heard of the chicken n' waffles but I've never heard of the bacon waffle, it sounds wonderful! Another (odd) thing to add to waffle batter for a lovely surprise is cooked rice. Can't really taste it but it gives the waffles a little crunch.

Niki 9:24 AM  

oh that sounds delish!!!


Brenda 9:54 AM  

You have made my world a better place by sharing this nectar from the gods recipe - thank you!

Nichole 10:37 AM  

I've never seen bacon waffles! They sound fantastic. I had a little bacon-related disappointment over the weekend. I may have to make some bacon waffles to ease my troubles. :)

Alisa 12:53 PM  

I have never even heard of these. I may just try it out this weekend.

Audra Krell 4:31 PM  

Never heard of them, but it makes sense that they would be good! Thank you for doing your part to make the world a better place. : )

Life In Progress 4:40 PM  

My husband will worship the ground I walk on when I make these for him!!

5intow 4:40 PM  

That sounds delish!

I'll have to use my left over bacon up in waffles tomorrow morning.

Sounds so good!

World's Greatest Mommy 5:33 PM  

I'll bet my kids would go nuts for that! And I love anything with bacon...

Lora 7:50 PM  

Well, I love bacon and I love waffles--why not combine them?! Thanks for the idea:) Do you think that the pre-cooked bacon would work, just crumbling it in and not heating it?

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