Thursday, June 05, 2008

Playing Around in the Kitchen

This morning I really had a craving for some kind of ground beef/mashed potato combination. I did not want to make our standard combo of Shepherd's Pie or even any of its similar variations. I toyed with the idea of making stuffed cabbage since I had all the ingredients, but it was too hot today to spend that much time in the kitchen. So I decided instead to use some of the basic stuffed cabbage ingredients to make an "unstuffed cabbage skillet"that we could eat over mashed potatoes. I was just winging it for the whole thing, but I've found that those are usually some of the meals that turn out the best and that I make again and again.

Growing up in a proudly Polish family, Golabki was a favorite meal of mine, right after homemade pierogis. Maintaining family traditions has been a very important thing to me throughout my parenting journey. I love serving my family meals that I ate as a child. Even though tonight's dinner was a bit of a twist on the original, I felt a familial satisfaction when the children declared this a delicious dinner.

If you're interested in the recipe, I've posted it over at Happy To Be At Home.


Kirstin 12:56 PM  

My dads side of the family is Slavik. I love stuffed cabbage and I love pierogis. Do you have a recipe for pierogis that you could send me. I did a post awhile back (would be under cooking categories) of my girls making stuffed cabbage. Yum, that sounds so good, think it'll go on the menu for next week.

Niki 12:46 AM  

I've gotta admit that looks a little odd but I bet it was yummy!

I love comfort foods like that. I never ever bother to make stuffed cabbage ever since I found a recipe for unstuffed cabbage casserole. Lazy, yes! Yummy, oh yeah!


I'll have to give yours a whirl sometime.

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