Sunday, March 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: First Time

This is my first time participating in Menu Plan Monday. I'm excited to be doing it for a few reasons. First, I have really enjoyed reading others menu plans for quite awhile, so it will be fun to get out there with my own plans. Second, while I plan my meals for the whole month before my once-a-month grocery trip, I never get more specific than that. So I battle deciding what to have for dinner every morning. Granted, I only have a maximum of 30 things to choose from, but I'm always open for ways to simplify and destress my mornings. Maybe if I have a plan in writing it will be that much easier to stick to.
So, here is my plan for the week:
Mon - Waffles
Tues - Toast & cereal
Wed - Oatmeal w/ bananas foster topping
Thurs - Pancakes
Fri - Leftover pancakes or homemade bagels
Sat - Sunshine toast
Sun - Homemade bagels
Mon - Turkey & cheese sandwiches, strawberries
Tues - Tuna cakes, yogurt, bananas
Wed - Turkey & cheese sandwiches, applesauce, celery sticks
Thurs - Macaroni & cheese, pear slices
Fri - Pizza grilled cheese, orange wedges
Sat - Chicken noodle soup
Sun - see dinner plan
Mon - Homemade chili-mac with cheese and sour cream, skillet corn
Tues - Cheesy chicken curry casserole w/ brown rice and peas
Wed - Meatloaf cups, cheesy potatoes, green beans
Thurs - Lentil & spinach "gumbo", homemade tomato basil bread
Fri - Bratwurst patty burgers, maple-glazed carrots, quinoa pilaf
Sat - Ham, homemade spaetzle, zucchini, mushroom, onion & garlic saute, homemade batter rolls
Sun - (Easter meal) Ham, polish sausage, pasta salad, fruit salad, homemade maple-oat bread
This plan will feed 6 of us at each meal for under $10/day total. My husband owns his own business and is gone at off hours, so while he is home to eat breakfast and lunch with us, he usually doesn't sit down to eat his dinner until after 10 pm. This means that I always have to make sure our weekday dinners will reheat well.
For more menu plans, please visit OrgJunkie.


Connie 12:08 AM  

Welcome to MPM!

I agree that it is helpful to have your menu's planned. It is a little work in the beginning but it becomes easy once you get going and posting your menu every week becomes addicting!

Your meals look great!

Have a wonderful week!

Rona's Home Page 12:41 AM  

Welcome to MPM. It's one of my highlights of the week. And it definitely saves us money and time.
Happy St. Patrick's Day and Easter!

Org Junkie 1:49 AM  

Thanks so much for joining us! Menu planning has been such a lifesaver for me.



PlanningQueen 8:36 AM  

I love the sound of the tuna cakes. MPM is a great source of inspiration for family meals.

Stephanie 9:33 AM  

Welcome. I also plan a month at a time, but I am limited by storage space. I still have to shop every week. I am so impressed that you have all 3 meals planned!

Niki 10:03 AM  

Welcome..your menu sounds delish!


Lora 10:49 AM  

Glad you're at MPM! Sounds like you've got a great plan for this week.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wifey 11:31 AM  

Welcome to MPM! I also plan my meals a month at a time. Your menu looks yummy. Have a great week!

Anonymous,  3:07 PM  

Welcome to MPM! It looks like you've got everything planned perfectly! I have to say that I LOVE bananas foster and never thought to put it on waffles, that sounds fantastic!

Have a blessed week,


Bethany 5:49 PM  

Looks yummy! I'm so curious, what's Sunshine Toast?

Kate 8:12 PM  

Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

Bethany, Sunshine toast is bread that is toasted in a skillet with melted butter, with a hole cut out of the center of the bread for an egg. You brown one side of the bread, flip it over and crack an egg into the hole. Reduce heat to med-low, cover the pan, and let cook until the egg is done. Salt and pepper the egg to taste. You can also add some cheese on top at the very end of cooking. I think this also goes by other names. I think "Toad in the hole" is another name for it.

UKZoe 5:22 AM  

sorry I'm late commenting. I LOVE bratwurst! I used to have to drive to Aldi to get them but now so many more places stock them it is easier.

Anonymous,  12:13 PM  

I like your menu, I have a question... when you were saying that you would feed everyone for under $10 a day does that mean you can feed your family of 6 for $300 a month? I am just wondering because we are a family of 8 and I am trying to realistically plan a grocery budget.

Kate 12:30 PM  

happyhousewife, yes, we do eat for $300/month for our family of six. Teresa over at is doing a series on how she feeds her family of 8 on $300/month and she's written some really great stuff. I just started a series on the method I use to allow me to cook for $300/mo. and I'll be doing some posts in the future on our budgeting, menu planning, etc. to enable us to do this.

Kiy 11:52 PM  

Those tuna cakes look great, may have to toss some together for lunch soon! I am impressed that you MPM for all three meals, doing just dinners is enough for me. But like you, I also struggle for lunches. I will have to stop back in and 'borrow' some of your ideas!

Cheers, Kiy

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