Sunday, March 16, 2008

Making Your Home A Haven Monday: Baking Cabinet

I have decided to get on the bandwagon and start Spring Cleaning, although there may also be a slight ulterior motive to this decision. My kitchen cabinets definitely need the yearly go-through. A monthly go-through would probably be better, but maybe I'll get to that someday. In the meantime, I decided to tackle my baking cabinet first. This is probably my most used cabinet, and as such, not only does it get extra messy it also makes my baking tasks more difficult to have wade through all the stuff. (Why is it the one small item I need every time I bake is the one that is hidden behind everything else?)

The top picture shows my cabinet before the cleaning. The pile on the bottom left is cookbooks/cooking magazines that get used on a regular basis. The top shelf is where a lot of craft things get stored. I pulled everything out, wiped down all the shelves, threw some things away, and then just started putting it all back in an organized way that makes sense for my needs. Here is what it looked like when I was done.

In all, it took probably 15 minutes, tops. Why is it that the jobs we just dread and assume they will take the longest amount of time to get clean never really take that long? Do you think I'll remember this fact in the future?

Here are the two cabinets I'm planning to tackle this week. But then again, it will probably take SO long to get them done I just won't have time to finish!
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Anonymous,  1:47 PM  

good job!

Bethany 5:46 PM  

It looks really good! I do have one tip for you that's worked very well for me. It's very useful to put all the small type things for baking, like vanilla, spices, baking powder and baking soda into a basket or plastic container. Then they can't get pushed over or knocked to the back of the cabinet. When you bake, you can just pull down your box, and then use each item from it as needed. This has helped a lot to keep things upright and within reach.

Kate 5:54 PM  

Bethany, that's a wonderful tip!Thanks a lot, I'll definitely try it!

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