Thursday, January 06, 2011

{Projects} 365

We began moving into our new house on June 18th of 2010. I was 5 1/2 months pregnant at the time. Our focus was on getting furniture situated and boxes unpacked. Once I started nesting, the focus shifted to organizing, bulk cooking and cleaning. As a result, a lot of the projects we wanted to tackle to officially make our house a home were pushed to the back burner.

Now that Jill is over 3 months old and we've lived here for over 6 months, we are ready to do that once and for all. We have lots of projects, both big and small, that we want to complete. We are giving ourselves the entire year of 2011 to get everything done.

We started with tackling one of those projects on the very first day of the year and we've continued each day. Hence {Projects} 365. I'll be blogging our progress as we work through our list. I'm hoping this will help keep us accountable. It will also serve as a great resource at the end of the year for us to look back on all of our accomplishments.

Here is the {Projects} 365 list as it stands right now.

  • Paint master bedroom
  • Paint family room
  • Assemble and organize bookshelf in master suite hallway
  • Organize master bedroom closet
  • Cabinet above refrigerator
  • Paint and clean desk for Alex
  • Buy & set up family desk in front room
  • Re-arrange Isabelle's room
  • Re-arrange Alex's room
  • Clean carpets in Olivia & Gracie's room
  • Buy and hang canvas print in master bedroom
  • Rug for family room
  • Stencil "God writes straight with crooked lines" above Jill's crib
  • Organize garage
  • Front yard landscaping
  • Refinish & seal decks
  • Paint fence
  • Move gravel
  • Buy & set up swing set
  • Backyard landscaping
  • Set up garden space
  • Plant garden
  • Collage picture frames for family room
  • Buy hall tree or bench and hooks for front entryway
  • Buy padded couch-style bench for front room
  • Decorate front room
  • Paint accent wall in kitchen
  • Replace ceiling tiles in mudroom/pantry
  • New curtains in family room
  • New curtains in dining area
  • New curtains in master suite
That looks like a good start to me. It's definitely subject to change as well as additions. Obviously some of the projects will take several days or weeks even while some will only take a few minutes. But they all still need to get done!

I'm not planning to tackle a project from that list every single day. That's just too much. Somedays, my project might be as big as getting laundry folded. But that's okay. Forward motion is what I'm looking for!


A Grammatical Disclaimer

I freely admit to consistently using improper grammar in the following areas:
1. I like run-on sentences.
2. I have a tendency to end sentences with a pronoun. (I really do. I can't help it.)
3. I always seem to use passive voice in my sentences. (See?)

I've been trying to break this habit, unsuccessfully, for years, so now I just accept that as my writing style, and since I'm not writing for grades anymore, I embrace it. (Again, see?)

Hence, I invoke Blogger Artistic License for this blog!

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