Monday, January 10, 2011

{Projects} 365 ~ Days 1 - 10

We have definitely gotten off to a great start with crossing projects off of our {Projects} 365 list. With just 10 days down is 2011, here is what we've gotten done so far:

  1. 1/1/11 - Bookshelf assembled and arranged in the master suite hallway. This is my favorite project so far! I've wanted this Expedit bookshelf from IKEA for years. I've been picturing it in the hallway outside our bedroom since the day we moved in. And since that time, all of our beloved books have been waiting patiently in boxes in our master bedroom closet. I had so much fun arranging the books. Even though it's been there for 10 days now, I have to stop and admire our bookshelf each time I walk by.

  2. 1/2/11 - Master bedroom closet organized. Getting all those boxes of books out of closet meant we could finally organize and arrange all of our clothes. Definitely a sense of accomplishment when we finished that project.

  3. Check out my shoes - all 6 pairs of them in total! Don't you just love the wide variety of colors? :)

  1. 1/3/11 - Alex's bedroom rearranged. We moved the furniture around and made the bedroom much more 6 year old boy friendly.
  2. 1/4/11 - Steam cleaned the carpet in Olivia & Gracie's bedroom.
  3. 1/5/11 - Made & froze a bulk batch of Bacon, Cheese & Egg Biscuit Cups. Not a project from the list, but still important.
  4. 1/6/11 - Found some size 6 pants from the clothing storage bins for Olivia. Not on the list again, but a much needed project!
  5. 1/7/11 - Monthly trip to Sam's club and finished putting Christmas decorations away.
  6. 1/8/11 - Finished monthly grocery shopping. Fun day with the kids!
  7. 1/9/11 - Some rather disappointing time spent in the kitchen. But I did get some laundry done at least. Also, Eric rearranged the play area.
  8. 1/10/11 - Hung cabinet above refrigerator. Eric and a neighbor worked together to get that cabinet hung correctly. When we first moved in, the cabinet was just sitting on top of the fridge. It was only useable if we opened the fridge door first. Eric took it down and we spent a few months trying to decide what to do with the space. Finally we decided the smartest move would be to just hang the cabinet up correctly. The kitchen looks complete now!


Blow Glass Girl 11:00 AM  

Wow! you have been busy! WTG good job. Doesn't it feel fantastic to finish something you set out to do?! You are inspiring, Thanks

Jessica 1:33 AM  

Love the bookcase - I too drool over that bookshelf system everytime I think IKEA!

On my list for February is going to be doing some freezer batch cooking. Need to come up with a list and a plan. :)

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