Sunday, January 03, 2010

My 2010 Blogging Goals

Who knew how revitalizing a two week hiatus from this little blog could be? I kept blogging on Cooking During Stolen Moments and continued to run Stolen Moments Menu Planning, but just letting go of the tiny bit of stress I feel when I don't write here was a huge help!

I spent some time over the past few weeks finalizing a business plan and blogging plan for 2010. (A 5 hour drive to and from Chicago sure helped with finding the time to do that!) When I saw that Savvy Blogging was posting a Mr. Linky for us all to share our blogging goals for the year, I was so excited to participate.

So here are my goals for 2010.

  1. Continue to keep Priority #1 as priority #1 - God first, husband second, kids third. I got a bit off track earlier in 2009 and let twitter and other things play too much of a role in my life. I've since cut down my online socializing time to virtually nothing, and I'm reaping the rewards. I'll admit I still need to improve in some areas with this, but I'm feeling much better about how I divide my time.
  2. Post at least 4-5 new recipes on Cooking During Stolen Moments per week. Begin posting more tutorials and informational posts as well.
  3. Update the Wordpress plug-ins I use for CDSM. I tend to be very lazy when it comes to maintaining the backend of my blogs.
  4. Stay on top of organizing alphabetical course listings of the recipes. I haven't done this is 6 months, and it needs to be done! (See #3.)
  5. Actually write some of the different series I've been contemplating on A Simple Walk. If this means I skip a few opportunities to add my name to Mr. Linky once in awhile, that's okay!
  6. Keep A Simple Walk updated at least 3-4 times a week, and let go of the guilt if it doesn't get done more often.
  7. Increase RSS subscribers on both sites, and increase daily visitors. I don't have a set number for here, but I'd like to at least double both numbers by May on Cooking During Stolen Moments. I'll re-evaluate after that.
  8. Continue building and nurturing my relationship with Share Our Strength. Doing good feels so good!
  9. Keeping Goal #1 in mind, increase community involvement. Leave comments at other blogs, participate on twitter and skype, even if for only a few minutes a week. And stay disciplined with that time by setting a timer.
  10. Respond to all emails within 48 hours!
There are honestly a ton more, but I don't want to bore you. I have a month-by-month plan laid out that will be broken down into weekly plans as the year moves forward.

As I mentioned, I also have a new business plan in place for Stolen Moments Menu Planning. I am excited to start going after some of the things that I've planned out.

All in all, I'm thinking 2010 has the potential to be a very exciting year. I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads - for myself, for blogging in general and for all of you!


Amy Lynne 10:56 PM  

Good luck with all your plans! It sounds like you have a lot of good things mapped out for the year!

The Not So Perfect Housewife 11:38 AM  

What a great post. I didn't even know you had another blog.. and a cooking blog at that. How fun!!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling 9:41 PM  

Wow, lots of goals for the coming year! Good for you. I think that letting go of guilt when it comes to blogging is an important one too.

I had written some goals but had a really tough time articulating what I want when it comes to my blog. Your goals actually come close to what I didn't know I was hoping for :)

Jeff Wiedner 12:43 PM  

Very cool, Kate! Good luck on all your new endeavors in the coming year. Sounds like a lot of moving parts to keep tabs on. :-)

Anonymous,  4:23 PM  

I only found your blog today, by way of a fan of yours, and will be back to visit. Just wanted to comment that make your 48 hour email rule a suggestion at first, not a commitment. Do your best, but do not stress if it takes a bit longer. Small steps. Your other priorities sound well thought out.

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