Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Making Time To Read

Reading is definitely my second favorite hobby, right after writing, cooking, photography and all those other things that go into blogging.

I tend to read about two books a week. I could probably read more if I just skimmed through and didn't really get into the story. But then, that wouldn't feel like reading at all to me.

I used to believe having kids meant that I didn't have time to read. I'd occasionally grab a few books from the library and feel good if I made it through two of them before they were due back. My reading time was limited to those 15 or 20 minutes before I fell asleep at night.

I'm not sure what changed for me, but one day I realized if I made reading a priority in my day, I could fit it in seamlessly. Plus, it is a great example for the kids. Why would I expect them to love reading and find enjoyment in curling up with a good book if they never actually saw me doing that?

So now, on any given day, I read for myself from half an hour to an hour during the day, plus that standard before bed reading. Sometimes there are long chunks of time when there are no pressing chores and the kids are occupied with something else and sometimes I sneak in 5 minutes here and there on really busy days.

I'll admit there are days when it feels indulgent, but when I see the kids grab their own books to "read" and curl up next to me, I am smart enough to acknowledge the greater good of this selfish habit. Taking time for myself while setting a good example for my children definitely works for me.

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Colored With Memories 11:07 PM  

this is so good for me to read...i especially need to do this with Bible reading...yes, to make sure it happens, but also so they can see the example!

Thanks for sharing!

Jendeis 9:06 AM  

Delurking to congratulate you on prioritzing your reading. I am certain that my siblings and I became lifelong readers and lifelong learners by seeing our parents demonstrate their own love of reading.

Monica 10:09 AM  

I love reading, too, but it seems that I haven't made enough time for it lately. I'm going to make it a bigger priority and find more time. Thanks!

Kaye 11:41 AM  

I too love reading. I remember my mom, super-busy woman as she was, always having time to read. That's probably a big source of my inspiration. Great post!

Jennifer Y.,  12:54 PM  

You know I never thought of it that way--you are so right! I often feel soooo guilty doing anything that is not directly "mom" related. But, what a great example we are giving our kids by reading in front of them (and with them of course!)

Aiming4Simple 2:38 PM  

I really admire women who manage to read as well as raise their children. If I cut down on screen time I could probably do it too. But it takes discipline!

Sandi,  7:14 PM  

I remember my dad and mom reading everynight after dinner and I think that started my love for books. I carry a book in my handbag at all times and I noticed the other day that the backpack that my son takes with him when we go visiting ALWAYS has a book!

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms 7:44 PM  

I felt like this a while back and vowed to read more during the day (when I'm still alert, not like at bedtime!). I've declared after lunch "Reading Time" and we all find a comfy spot and read. Instead of me reading to the kids, everyone reads to themselves, even the 3yos. It's good for all of us!

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