Monday, October 12, 2009

Going On An Apple Hunt

Finally...finally we fit our apple picking trip into our schedule and can cross it off of our fall to-do list.

We braved some chilly temperatures but warmed ourselves with cups of hot cider and hot, freshly made donuts.

Our first pass down the very first aisle we walked down didn't look too promising. There were more apples on the ground than in the trees. So we by-passed the adjoining row and headed over to the next one where the trees were overflowing.

We picked our share. Although honestly, I should say the kids picked their share while Eric and I each held our half-bushel sized bags. We let the kids fill them up as high as they could go, even if that meant pinched fingers, sore wrists and aching backs.

Sometimes kids and apples are more important than physical discomfort.

Truly, there is nothing more joyful than watching them run through the open rows, surrounded by a beautiful bounty.I am so grateful for this yearly tradition. I am so grateful for another wonderful day spent all together as a family. And I am so very grateful that we all enjoy each other so much!

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Kristi 7:20 AM  

We went apple picking this weekend too. My kids only wanted to get the golden delicious.

heartnsoulcooking 11:55 AM  

Growing up my family always went to my uncle's farm to pick apples. What fun memories. Geri

Susie 12:25 PM  

What a great fall tackle!

summur braley 3:40 PM  

Beautiful pics. I love this time of year. What fun for your family!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 8:15 PM  

I love fall! :) Your apple-picking trip looks so fabulous!

We usually get apples every fall, but with the new baby, we seem to have fallen a bit behind in that area. Maybe next year... :)


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