Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Is The Time For Rule Breaking

I tend to be a bit of a stickler when it comes to certain rules in our house. And I find myself getting more in a rut of being a not-so-fun mom as I get older. You'd think I'd start loosening up a bit as the kids get older, but that hasn't proven to be the case so far.

Like germs. Germs have become my new obsession. To my dismay, I have become one of those moms who will not put my kids in a grocery cart without wiping it down first. And I carry bottles of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer in my purse. There is a rational part of my brain that knows overuse of those things defeat their desired purpose, but all rationalization flies out the window when I see my kids grabby hands touching everything they can. (Or in Alex's case...licking...including the hand rails in the monkey house at the zoo.)

Anyhow, I've gotten way off topic here. I'm supposed to be talking about breaking the rules. Because that is what we have been doing this summer. It's what I've been working on. You might call it my attempt to loosen up a bit.

So, in an effort to break some of my own rules, the kids have been eating popsicles often this summer. And not the healthy, fruit-filled kind either. No, they've been delightedly indulging in the boxed, freeze-at-home, stickless popsicles that are full of artificial flavors and coloring.

I keep telling myself it's summer time. I loved those things when I was a kid in summer. These popsicle treats are not about breaking good health habits, but about sharing and creating memories with my kids. They deserve that. Just as much as they deserve a mom who's sometimes willing to break her own rules for the sake of a good time.

Yes, we've been enjoying popsicles. And the kids have had a blast running around barefoot all summer. And they've stayed up late. And they've played in the rain. And they've gotten muddy, sandy and grass-stained all in one day. And they've drank pop. And they've practiced somersaults off the couch.

You know what? They've had the best summer of their lives. And it hasn't been so bad for me either. I think this breaking the rules thing might just need to work for me a little more often.

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Under the Florida Sun 11:23 PM  

Summer is a great time to let loose.. in a good way!! Glad to hear your are having a good summer!

Bree 10:18 AM  

I had to laugh at your description of the "popsicles" because I bought them last summer while mentally scolding myself but thought the same thing, I had them and what kid shouldn't have that memory... but don't they seem smaller/skinnier or is it just me? Maybe they just seemed like a big treat when I was a kid! (p.s. about the whole cart thing.... ya... um... me too.)

ahorne 11:17 AM  

We've done the same thing this summer - relaxed the rules - let dear son build 'forts' in the living room and sleep in them that night, let him stay up later, and in general, been intentional about making some good memories. They grow so fast.

stephanie 5:17 PM  

i love it. i've been trying to relax a bit and the let the kids have fun as much as possible (but i will forever and always wipe those grocery carts down... those are just about as nasty as they come!)

Sue 10:29 PM  

I think my hubby's been hanging around your kids this summer... he's become a popsicleaholic this summer. I think the guy at the corner store is wondering if my hubby's opening up his own store with how many he's picking up each week. (I have to confess that I've had my fair share this summer too). Our fav's are chocolate and banana flavored ones! YUM!!

Way to bend, Kate ;-)

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling 10:12 PM  

Oh, good for you! We have been very careful to watch the amount of processed foods and snacks our children eat but this summer we've found ourselves allowing freezees and posciples a lot and Chloe and John are thrilled.
A little extra sugar but a lot of extra fun and memories!!

UnfinishedMom 9:58 PM  

Hmmmm. Think I might need to remember this more often myself. I find myself being crabby over stuff that, well, 100 years from now will anyone remember?

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