Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Potty Mouths & Hero Worship

Like most kids, our kids have a huge case of hero worship for Eric. They want to be near him always. They want to be just like him. If they see him do something, they have to do it too. When he says something, 4 little mouths quickly repeat him. In other words, whatever dad does must be worth doing.

And so a few years ago when Eric began dropping little bits of potty talk into his conversations with the kids, I thought it was funny. When they would repeat him and call each other poop, I thought it was funny. But yet those words didn't become part of their everyday speech. It was just something they'd repeat when playing with Eric.

I miss those days! Now, all 4 kids clearly fall into the potty mouth category. I could give thousands of examples of how bodily functions get worked into their daily conversations, but I'll spare you the agony.

Although the kids have started talking this way on their own, Eric is clearly still the ring leader. Just imagine what would happen if he started spouting off mathematical theorems or the poetry of Robert Frost. Talk about power!

So I spend a lot of time groaning and rolling my eyes. But I'll admit, there is a little bit of me that cracks up whenever one of the kids runs over to another and says "I'll poop on you!"


Alyssa 9:44 PM  

Oh how I feel for you! We are going through that right now too with my 4 year old and 3 year old! It is so hard not to laugh at times though isn't it!

Faith Imagined 11:20 PM  

This is so funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Amy 5:46 AM  

Oh, and here I thought my husband and my girls were the only ones that had "potty" mouths.

Whew! I am relieved to know it doesn't just happen at my house!

(And, just between you and me, I giggle sometimes, too!)

Amanda 11:36 AM  

I think my 7 month old already knows that it makes Daddy laugh every time he makes a pooping/farting/raspberry noise. I have precious little time left before he starts trying to make us laugh with farts all the time. :)

My sister (mother of two boys) taught her kids that they weren't aloud to fart or have potty mouths in front of girls (mom didn't count-and neither does the aunt come to think of it). It works for sunday school, Grammy's....

Annie 12:03 PM  

I have said for a while now that there is a 5th grade boy in all of us. It's the part of us that makes us laugh at poop jokes! I'm not quite there yet, but I know it's only a matter of time.

Carrie 8:51 PM  

So far we have not had potty mouth issues. Until tonight! The kids saw someone riding a motorcycle without a helmet and they commented that it was not safe and asked why he was not wearing a helmet. Daddy went into an explanation and then said "Remember this! Stupid hurts!" Now the 2 year old is running around calling everyone stupid! But everytime he does he ends up wit his nose in the corner. Hope it is short lived!

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