Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Building A Bunk Bed - A Must See

Today was a big day. It was a day of transitions. Olivia officially said good bye to her toddler bed. Gracie officially said good bye to her crib. And I cried a little as I realized I may never lay one of my babies to sleep in a crib again.

But the tears couldn't last long because there was work to be done!

While Eric ran out to IKEA to pick up the bunk bed we chose over the weekend, the kids and I got to work on getting the girls old beds pulled out of the room.

Once Eric was home, the fun really started. He can not do anything in our house without a little team of helpers tagging along. But this project required lots of work. (It is from IKEA after all.) Eric knew that the kids would just get in the way, which would slow down his process and which could be dangerous for them.

So...what to do?

Watching dad work is entertaining. In case we ever doubted it, the way they stuck to their front-row seats proved it.

A few hours later, the new bunk beds were in place and everyone took a turn trying them out. I made sure to keep my emotions in check. I got in on the excited action with them.

So many things worked for us today - IKEA, working together, transitioning from baby to big girl, enjoying a dad matinee. Fun stuff!

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Jenny 12:13 AM  

How fun. I love the picture of the kids lined up on the couch watching. Too cute!

But Momma 2:13 AM  

Oh we have been contemplating going to bunk beds for our two. I am afraid one of them won't sleep on the top bunk. We too having been looking at Ikea. I really like this one you chose. I don't remember seeing that one. Hope all goes well.

It Feels Like Chaos 12:29 PM  

We just took down our crib a couple months ago when my 2 year old graduated to the bottom bunk of his brother's bunk beds. It is the first time in nearly 7 years there has not been a crib set up in the house. A little sad, but we went on a trip a few weeks ago and it is easier to travel with all kids in regular beds!!

Courtney 2:12 PM  

we got a bunk bed for my 2 1/2 year old last year and I love it. She doesnt get to go up on the top bunk but it just a family thing i did with my siblings so it was important to me! hope they love it!

Life is Good 3:43 PM  

Thats so funny we just finished our bunk beds yesterday,too.
We had the top set up as a loft for awhile, with the toddler bed underneath (poor little guy just didn't have the leg length to climb in even the low bed!); but then I worried that the top wasn't sturdy enough with out the bottom, so we figured something out ( a step stool)
Bunk beds are awesome. Its the only way to fit 3 kids in one room. Much cheaper than moving.

Under the Florida Sun 7:41 PM  

How fun! Love the shot of them on the couch watching!!

I was just at Ikea this weekend. I think my youngest (who is 16) will be getting a bed from there too.
Don't think the pictures would be as cute as yours though.. LOL

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun 2:56 PM  

I LOVE those pictures! So awesome that they just sat there to watch dad. Daddies are the best!

Amy Lynne 7:36 AM  

That picture of them on the couch was priceless! All they needed was a bowl of popcorn!

Amy @ Finer Things 11:06 AM  

That's hilarious that they all sat there and watched. Where are the snacks?!

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