Sunday, August 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of 8/24

I'm not sure what this week holds for us. Eric's work schedule could be a little extra, which always throws of our regular plans. And that redecorating, rearranging bug is still at the top of the list, so I'm hopeful we might get some more of that work don. We'll see though.

On Saturday, we are having Isabelle's long overdue birthday party. She is deciding on the menu. I'm excited to see what she picks, although I think she is leaning is toward a taco bar. Once we get the menu decided, I'll leave it up to her if she wants to help with the cooking and baking, which she loves. A girl doesn't have a 10th birthday party every day, no matter how late it is. So we want it to be special for her.

Here's what's on our menu for the rest of the week -


  • M - Pepperoni pasta salad
  • T - Hummus, pitas, carrot and celery sticks
  • W - Leftover pasta salad
  • Th - Cheese and crackers, grapes, plums
  • F - Chef's Salad
  • S - Leftovers
  • Su - TBD
Stop by Org Junkie for hundreds more menu plans.

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Anonymous,  8:36 AM  

How fun love the taco bar idea. Also what a wonderful menu you have planned. Love all the great breakfast ideas.

Judy 9:40 AM  

Sounds like a yummy week.
I would love to hear about the chicken lasagna roll-ups (hint-hint) : )

I taco bar sounds good to me for a birthday. One child last year picked that as their birthday dinner.

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