Sunday, August 02, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of 8/2

This coming week is filled with lots of little chores that need to get done around the house for both Eric and myself. It's not going to be overly busy though, so we're looking to spending more time outside. It's supposed to finally be hot here, so maybe we'll even get a chance to break out the slip'n'slide that we've been waiting to use all summer.

This weekend is our favorite summer weekend of all - the art festival hits our downtown Main Street area. We look forward to this event every summer. We had a great time last year and fully expect another great time now. Eric and I are thinking of seeing if my in-laws can baby-sit on Saturday night so that we can go walk around there for a few hours by ourselves and attend one of the free concerts. Because of that our weekend meals are up in the air right now. But here;s what we do have planned.


  • M - Hot dogs, rustic succotash
  • T - Turkey sandwiches, watermelon
  • W - Quesadillas, apple slices
  • Th - Pizza bread, watermelon
  • F - Brown bag burritos (from the freezer), strawberries
  • S - TBD
  • Su - TBD
  • M - Garden veggie primavera (minus the chicken)
  • T - Blackened chicken salad, garlic bread
  • W - BBQ meatball subs, side salad
  • Th - Taco pinwheel, cantaloupe
  • F - Sweet & Sour chicken, rice, wonton chips
  • S - TBD
  • Su - TBD
This week's Menu Plan Monday is being hosted by my friend, The Happy Housewife. Stop over there to check out all the other menu plans this week. Also, make sure you check out and enter the giveaway she's offering. It might sound a little familiar.


Sonshine 8:31 AM  

Sounds like a yummy week!

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned, Enjoy!

I might try those carrot muffins soon! But since my crew is not big on raisins, I'll probably do chocolate chips instead. :)

UnfinishedMom 8:34 AM  

Just an FYI - your link at Menu Plan Monday is wrong - it goes to Stolen Moments instead! You might want to see if you can get this fixed.

Amy Lynne 10:08 AM  

You're too cute about the giveaway! I hope your new business venture is going well!

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