Thursday, July 09, 2009

When A Deadbolt Becomes A Finer Thing

Earlier this week, Eric was heading out to run an errand. After he opened the door, he called me over to come look at something. He pointed at the door frame and said "has that always been there?"

I looked closer and saw the wood was chipped in two spots - spots high enough that the kids wouldn't have been able to reach. Then we looked at the door itself and saw a dent in the front that lined up perfectly with the chips on the door frame. It looked exactly like someone had used a screw driver or a crow bar to try to pry the door open. Needless to say, we were very concerned.

While running his errands, Eric stopped at the police station to file a report. The officer said that he'd be out to look at it later that afternoon.

When the officer arrived, he agreed with us that it most definitely looked as if someone had tried to break in. We all agreed that it most likely happened Friday night when we were out all evening at my brother-in-law's watching fireworks. We had inadvertently left the blinds open and no lights on when we left the house. That left a house that looked uninhabited, especially when combined with the For Sale sign in our front window.

Fortunately, as the officer recommended, we had our deadbolt locked. And that one little habit of ours has certainly proved to be a finer thing!

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Under the Florida Sun 8:13 AM  

Wow. That's crazy. So glad you all saw it so at least you were made aware.

So glad to see God's protection over your home..

Have a great weekend.

Sarah 8:43 PM  

Oh my word! That is so scary and wonderful at the same time.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings 11:36 PM  

Oh yuck! How very scary! Sorry that happened!

Sue 1:01 PM  

Whoa... that is scary business. What is wrong with people?? I'm SO glad you and your home were safe. Hopefully they won't be back!

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