Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Linkage - The Good Stuff Edition

This week, I have lots of good stuff to share with you. That's really the only unifying factor for the links appearing here. But I think that's good enough.

  • I am not a cake decorator. In fact, I stink at it and usually just stick to the basics. But I always want to get more into it. We are having a baseball-themed birthday party for Alex next weekend and I just know I'll be able to find tons of great inspiration at Life As Mom next week. She's hosting a birthday cake round up and I can't wait to see the entries!
  • I really don't have anything to add to the thought-provoking words that introduced this video clip over at The View From My Beach Chair. Stop whatever you're doing right now and go watch that video!
  • Amy linked to this incredible fast food post awhile ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then. I think I need to print that post out and keep it handy whenever I start thinking some fast food sounds good. Then Jen commented that she had a similar post on her blog. They are both shocking and oh, so wrong!
  • I love this recipe for Lemon Almond Ice "Cream" Michelle posted on Frugal Granola. Lemon and almond are two of my favorite flavors. The thought of them combined in this almost-ice cream has me ready to run out to the store and buy an ice cream maker!
  • Armchair travel used to be a big hobby of mine. Before kids, I was addicted to the travel channel and I'd spend hours dreaming of different places I wanted to visit. While that habit has definitely faded, I do still like daydreaming about travel. I also incorporate some travel dreaming into Isabelle's homeschooling curriculum, especially for writing projects. I am definitely going to order some of these free travel guides for us all to dream over.
Enjoy the reading and have a great weekend!


Christina 11:30 AM  

You might try checking at your local thrift store for an ice cream maker. Sometimes they have decently working ones for a fraction of the normal price!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 1:17 PM  

Thanks for the link, Kate! :)
I've heard (but never tried) that you can make somewhat of an ice cream by putting it all in the freezer, and regularly stirring it... I wonder if that would work. (Otherwise you'd have some sort of frozen dessert, anyway!) :)


Sue 4:15 PM  

I loved that video over at Mikki's. It was so sweet ... and creative! Who knew babies could skate like that!

Have a great weekend!

Under the Florida Sun 7:28 PM  

Happy Weekend to you!!
Thanks for the linky love. That was very sweet. That video just truly touched my heart and then when I would watch TV and see the MJ stuff.. it just made me sad that Americans have their values and morals messed up..

But anyway.. off my soapbox.. LOL.

Have a great weekend!

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